Failure to Write

I really don’t know what is going on with me lately. I seem to be addicted to FaceBook when I originally wanted to start posting more on this site. I’m not in that much pain, so that isn’t the cause. Some days I can’t tell if my fatigue is kicked into high gear or if I am too lazy.

Awhile ago I had a negative experience with an article that I was writing for one of my city’s magazines. It’s my first ‘no’ or negative experience. I know everyone fails. I know critics will voice their opinion. Yet I seem to be having a rough time letting this go and moving on. This is my only guess to why I can’t think of a thing to write about, even if it is my favorite topic. I am trying to gather thoughts for my other blog, which I will most likely repost on paws2smile.

I have not faltered on my book reading, which I highly enjoy. Every time I decide on something to read, I have this small hope that it will give me  motivation or ideas to write about. When I read, I fully immerse myself into the act and don’t think about anything else. That’s one reason I enjoy reading–so I don’t have to think of any of the shit going on in my head.  But alas, no motivation to put a pen to a piece of paper.

I hope I can snap out of this soon. Does someone have a muse that I can borrow? Or better yet, a lighter to light a fire under my ass??




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Fat Jowl

It was about this time last year when I looked at Storm and it seemed an area on her left jowl was puffed out.




Later that day, the swelling became more noticeable.



I of course was worried and trying not to freak out. I didn’t know what was going on, but later figured it must be a bee sting. And of course it was the weekend so the vet offices were closed and I didn’t have extra cash to go to the pet ER.

We decided we will see how things would be for her the next day. I woke up to find a partial chubby headed American bulldog.




She laid down and after awhile the oddest thing happened. She began drooling (not odd) but then there was blood in her drool (the odd part). I have seen other dog pictures of being stung by a bee and it looks the same. I just don’t know if any had blood with it… Has anyone dealt with their pet being stung by a bee?

Someone’s Birthday!

Someone special turned five yesterday!

Can't believe she is five!

Can’t believe she is five!

It just doesn’t seem right as I’m sure many of you with children/fur-kids know. I wasn’t able to do anything special for her. :( I just don’t have money until Social Security comes at the beginning of the month. I usually don’t do anything for her birthday but I figured this year she deserves something. So I will be getting her new food bowls, new collar, leash and probably some tasty goodies. And no, I did not get her roses, Scott bought those for me. But I felt the picture needed something with a little pizzazz.

Since she is allergic to nylon (I kid you not), I have been searching what options there are in the retail area. I think I will be going with a hemp collar from Planet Dog. I am hesitant as I have never purchased anything of theirs. Has anyone had any good/bad experience with Planet Dog’s retail?

*Thanks to for use of photo

*Thanks to for use of photo