Still flarin’

I am still in a flare with my Lupus. Bah! Getting frustrated with it too; I miss writing and reading your blog posts. I am going to TRY and push out a post on my other website (WordPress — sdloopy) because it has been too long since I posted anything. This is my most active blog so I tend to forget about the other one. Ooops! I hope to read your posts/comments soon and that all is well at your end!

Flares suck

The last couple of days I have been stuck in bed due to a current Fibro/Lupus flare. Migraines are one of the many symptoms I am experiencing right now which makes it difficult to watch tv or read my Kindle, and/or your wonderful blog posts. Unless you have pictures with minimal word count, then odds are I have glanced at it. I hope to feel better and respond to your comments/new blog posts in a few days. For now, here are a couple shots of Storm & I (when not plagued with a migraine).




36 Essential Books for Every Writer

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Good information for any writers! I know I will have to purchase some of these!

Originally posted on WordDreams...:

writers books In my office, I have my computer table, an oak rolltop desk close enough my left elbow bumps it when I really get going on the keyboard and behind me, about two feet away, a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf of reference books. Those books are constantly in motion. I pull them out by piles, stack them on my desk and riffle through them to augment particular parts of my stories. Sometimes, I’m looking for facts on nature, animals, buildings. Other times, I’m working through some prickly syntax. Either way, there are those books I can’t write without.

Every writer I know has a bookshelf like this, full of books to inspire the writing process. A reader asked what books I thought most important, so I pulled out my short list of words I can’t write without.

That’s when I realized I’d added some in the last few years. These five are my…

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Dog That Attacked 1-Year-Old Has Been Euthanized

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An update about something I posted not too long ago. :( Sooooo sad. This breaks my heart…

Originally posted on CBS Denver:

EVERGREEN, Colo. (CBS4) – The dog that attacked and critically injured a 1-year-old in Evergreen was euthanized on Saturday.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said the 70 pound American Bulldog was “humanely euthanized at the request of the owner.”

On Tuesday animal control officers removed the dog from its home in Evergreen after it attacked the child.

A sample from the dog will be tested to rule out the possibility of rabies.

The dog lived in the home with the child and the rest of the family.

The child is in critical condition.

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