Wordless Wednesday – Tuckered Out

My sweet angel… I wasn’t sure which edit to use today. This is the first time I used HDR on one of my shots. I love other people’s shots with HDR. But for some reason I almost like my non-HDR more. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not use to working with the HDR? Anyway, enjoy!





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Alone with Chronic Pain


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It has been a while since I’ve posted (other than Walk for a Dog) something on WordPress. I haven’t even been able to read my follower’s posts. It makes me feel a little sad because I usually get such joy out of writing and I may not have internet access soon.

My boyfriend and I had broken off things a few months ago and our lease expires at the end of August. My name finally came up for housing so I will be living in a housing unit. I’m not really excited to live on housing and to deal with all the paperwork but it will feel good to have my own place. I actually have a place in mind that I would love to live in but am not going to say anything on this post in case I jinx myself. :) So, to be continued…

Yesterday was a…

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Walk For a Dog

With having Lupus, I spend a lot of time on my smartphone. I get my money’s worth since I spend hours in doctor’s waiting room, hours in bed or the couch flaring and/or resting. So I am prepared on my phone with plenty of apps to keep me busy during these times.

One app, however, is for when I’m feeling pretty good and it is called Walk For a Dog. This app keeps track of the dog walks you have a day. So much distance equals so much money for a shelter/rescue of your choice.

It keeps track of how many miles, MPH and distance you walk for a month. It even maps where you walk.

I did a search and found there are other apps like this but I don’t know if they actually donate money. I believe this one to be factual based that they mentioned it in one of my dog magazines. Check it out! :)

Relaxing in the sun

Temperatures have finally gotten pretty decent here lately. I try to get Storm out when I’m physically able to.  Of course when we go out, we just go for a walk. I took her to doggy daycare for the first time since her surgery last week (I think?). We only went for 30 minutes & she was not using her leg for the rest of the night. It has made me nervous as I don’t want her to have another surgery. I am thinking I will wait another month then try daycare again.

Storm getting sassy with me   ;)

Storm getting sassy with me ;)

I decided to go black & white with the first shot and liked the result. Which do you prefer—the colored or the black & white?

Have a great week!

Doggy daycare 5-4-15


He's just so handsome! Not a Dalmatian, but guessing he's a mix of one.

He’s just so handsome! Not a Dalmatian, but guessing he’s a mix of one.

Just enjoying the nice weather....

Just enjoying the nice weather….

Awwww kisses!

Awwww kisses!

"I'm not sure yet if I want to go in."

“I’m not sure yet if I want to go in.”

"Come on in, little puppy! The water is great!"

“Come on in, little puppy! The water is great!”

"Oooo! A Kong toy and it's all mine to play with!"

“Oooo! A Kong toy and it’s all mine to play with!”

"Ok, ok. You can play with it now!"

“Ok, ok. You can play with it now!”

"I'm tiny but I'm tough!"

“I’m tiny but I’m tough!”

"Uncle!! I said uncle! You win!"

“Uncle!! I said uncle! You win!”

"Hey, look kid, I'm trying to rest. How about you leave me alone?"

“Hey, look kid, I’m trying to rest. How about you leave me alone?”

"Haha! Ok pup, I will play for a few moments."

“Haha! Ok pup, I will play for a few moments.”