LOVE her work!

One of my favorite dog photographers …

Elke Vogelsang lives in Germany and takes animal portraits. Her unique pictures have captured me and I cannot seem to get enough of them. It’s possible that you have seen her work as it has been shown on websites including Huffington Post. It is also possible that you have seen her book, Nice Nosing You, or in magazines such as Bark Magazine.

Here are a couple samples of her work:



You can find her on Facebook:

or her blog here:   I hope you enjoy her pictures as much as I do!:)


*Thanks to Elke Vogelsang for use of photographs from her Facebook page

Feelin’ gooooooood

It seems ever since I posted that I was going to work more on blogging, my life has been super busy. But that always seems to always happen, right? I had a handful of errands to run almost every day of the week and not only that but I felt GOOD. Occasionally something would pop up with my health to which I would get some rest, but the next day I would get up and be productive once again. I was so productive that I began to question it since that rarely happens in my life. Normally because of my fatigue, it can take some time to finally perform a full task. I usually do a little at a time and divide that time up between days. I’m not lazy, the act just exhausts me. So either it’s the nice weather, or the fact that I admitted to the world that I was going to work harder, I am happy that I am getting things done.:)

When going on errands (and if the weather is decent), I try to bring Storm with me. Not only does it get her out of the house, but it helps wear her out (hahaha!). She sits in the front passenger seat and quietly waits for me to return. People usually walk by and laugh as she sits like a human just chillin’. If I get an extra burst of energy I will stop by a park so she can get out of the cramped car and check out unfamiliar smells. One day, I stopped a bike trail location that had a bridge and took a couple pictures of her. I want to stop by again in a few months when there is more green showing, center the picture a more to my liking and take off her leash. I’m impressed she did well with these shots as there was a nearby runner she was trying to say hello to.

So yeah that’s it. Nothing exciting happening but getting plenty done.:)


"Mom, I need to go slobber on that lady before she starts running again!"
“Mom, I need to go slobber on that lady before she starts running again!”

I was scratching her arm for a bit and she started to fall asleep sitting up. Hahaha
I was scratching her arm for a bit and she started to fall asleep sitting up. Hahaha




Enveloped by the contents of an envelope

Such a wonderful poem!

Busy Mind Thinking

Sealed within an envelope

A letter she’d written to herself

Forgotten amidst volumes of books

Now lined upon the shelf

With eager hands, she opened it

Smiling at the penmanship displayed

Tearing at the first statement read

Remember, don’t ever be afraid

Always look with wonder

At everything you see

Most especially, look with wonder

When you’re looking back at me

On and on the messages went

As her inner child was embraced

In conclusion, it simply said

Be proud of all you’ve faced

Enveloped by the contents of an envelope

She carefully tucked the letter back inside

Writing a new letter to her future self

That began, “What an amazing ride!”


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Going to Try and Get Back on Track!

I know, I know; where did I go? Here I was typing blog posts and commenting on your own posts and then pretty much nothing. You want to know what has caused my sudden absence??



Yes, coloring. I have always had a love for it but it was deemed more of a ‘child’s hobby.’ But now it’s not and it’s wonderful!:) I really can’t color that great but hoping to pick up a couple tips. And the sad reason why I’m so excited with this new hobby? I suck at color matching. One of the reasons why it blows goats living alone is that I have no idea what matches. My sister is the smart one in that area, not me. It has even taken place of my READING. I love to write, but love to read more than writing. I was a decent number of books ahead of my goal on Goodreads but now I’m only two books ahead. And that may not be of importance to you but my fellow bookworms know the horror. So yes, coloring has taken over everything. Hahaha!


I am going to try to get back on track and read more of your posts, interact with your posts and finish some books.:) Oh and if for some reason you see me re-following your blog again, please know I never decided to stop. It seems WP has either had a bug or they are changing things again and that caused an un-follow.



Too Friendly?

Helping to pass along photos of shelter dogs! Check it out!

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I love dogs. I especially love dogs that are super friendly. I love big wet slobbery dog kisses. I love a dog that want to climb right in my lap and snuggle. I love the dog that wants to share the couch while I nap and the bed while I sleep. I love all of this dog stuff and the bigger the dog the better.

SPCA_February 10, 2013_168 Danica

I love the dog that wants to be right there beside you at all times. I love the dog that just follows you from place to place.

Mini_March 23, 2013_31-2 Mini

The funny thing is that when I meet up with one of these dogs at the shelter, the ones that do all of these things that I love they can be some of the most challenging to photograph. That sounds counterintuitive, but fundamentally most lenses need a minimum amount of distance between the lens and the…

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