Right now I am trying to take note of each emotion that I am feeling…


I feel sadness.

I feel anger.


I think those are the main two a person can feel after being blindsided by a friend. It’s painful when someone decides to no longer be in your life. In my situation, there also is some confusion as I have no idea what I did wrong as it was not told to me. I didn’t even get to say goodbye. And it pisses me off because I deserved a proper face to face goodbye. Not some stupid text in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. My texts go unanswered and they blocked me on Facebook. It’s hard to take this in as this person was a childhood friend and within the last few months we became better friends. I know they are a good person. Well, at least I thought they were…


I wanted this to be a longer post as my mind is consumed by this recent event. But I find myself at a loss for words…

Searching for a Storm

When I was looking for an American Bulldog puppy, there wasn’t really anyone around us that had puppies on the way or that already had puppies. I finally found a breeder located in the small city of Grinnell, Iowa. A one way trip was six hours and thankfully my mother went along with me. I had already picked out the one I desired via e-mail but wanted to make sure the puppy was healthy and that this place was not a puppy mill. I was so relieved to see this was not a puppy mill. The puppies were about four weeks (guessing?) old when we visited.


I want this one!
I want this one!
The first pic with my baby!
The first pic with my baby!

I know you're envious. Haha.
I know you’re envious. Haha.

Wordless Wednesday – 1.27.16

I was about to toss an old pair of lounge pants into the trash when I decided to take a moment and think if I could use it in some other way. I have plenty of rags so I discarded that idea. I then thought of how maybe I can have Storm use it and voilà… instant cowl! :)






Mmmmmm warm…

I was washing blankets this weekend and came to Storm’s blanket (yes, she has her own). After it finished drying it was still so warm and soft that I couldn’t help but bury my face into it. Storm is usually cold due to her short hair and absolutely loves to get under my blankets at night, so I figured she might enjoy a warm blanket as much as we love it. I laid it over her and she stayed that way for quite some time, not wanting to move a muscle. :)




After much pondering, I have decided to go back to only one blog; it will be less of a hassle for me.  Thank you all for your comments and recommendations. I find the process rather amusing as it all started with this blog then deciding to start sdloopy. So I copied what Lupus posts I had at that time and pasted them in the other. Now I’m bringing them back to this one. Haha! Oh well! The only way to see if something works is if you try it, right??

I will leave sdloopy active for some time as I copy and paste everything. Eventually I will delete it. Get ready for a heaping pile of posts your way! :)

You can now find my Lupus (or health related) posts on the right hand side under the section ‘Etc’.