Hello world!

I finally set up my own blog with the help of my friend, Rebecca, pushing me. Sometimes we need someone to push us or to motivate us in doing something we may be a little fearful of. As she states, “Fear is the emotion that drives everything.” My fear is that I find out I’m not as good at writing than I think I am. By that, meaning if I can captivate my readers and leave them wanting more. One way to find out, right?

I love to write. I am interested in what people have to say. I love to physically write, more than anything. To this day I still write letters with a sheet of paper and a pen which happens to be a lost art. With me blogging I am hoping to accomplish a dream of mine… to write a novel.


Author: paws2smile

I am a geeky animal lover and have an American Bulldog named Storm. Storm is my everything. She helps keep me sane by being my companion pet. I am an expert in chronic pain as I have Systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia and migraines. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2000 and the rest followed after that year.

3 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Gosh Rebecca is nice:-) Everything comes from fear or love…don’t let fear that you’re not good enough overpower your love of writing. xo

  2. I’m sure you’ll do great Jenny 🙂 I’m the opposite, I’ve tried going back to paper/pen method but I can’t write as fast as I think & it hurts my hand too much. I would rather write using my cell phone, its so much faster for me. Crazy how much technology as evolved!

    1. Thanks, April. 🙂 I agree with you about not able to write as fast as I think. Sometimes I just have to leave myself little notes and I get to them later. Ironically, I have arthritis so you would think I wouldn’t want to write because of the pain. I can’t help but love the way the pencil/pen glides across the page. Kudos for being able to write using your cell! That hurts my hands too much. Haha! Each to its own. 🙂

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