Doggy Daycare Feb 15, 2012

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go spend a few hours at Mini Critters Doggy Daycare this last Wednesday. My doctor put me on a new medication with fatigue being a side effect. I didn’t want to go anywhere, do anything or see anyone. But I made myself go despite wanting to be lazy. The only time I get out of the apartment is for errands or if I go to my part time job.

I love that it is somewhat of a therapy session for me. Of course once I arrived, I was happy to see the puppies and happy that I came instead of sitting at home.

I was able to alter most of the pictures with an iPhone app.


Kind of blurry but this is an itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny puppy that recently started to come to daycare. Have to be careful though because those puppy teeth hurt!!

Not the greatest pic, it’s always a challenge to get a motion shot. A couple of the Boxers playing while George keeps them pumped up.

Resting on the bench with one of the Boxers

I dont see how this could be comfortable…

George, a Boston Terrier. He is such a cutie! Not a fan of the camera though. I did multiple attempts and this was the best I could get.

Roy taking a small break of catch but making sure he has the ball with him at all times.

Presley howling away!

I believe this is Morgan, altho I’m not quite sure…We had two other new boxers in that I had not seen before.

Here is a pic of Daisy, one of the sweetest boxers I know!

Here is a pic of Roy and Storm


Author: paws2smile

I am a geeky animal lover and have an American Bulldog named Storm. Storm is my everything. She helps keep me sane by being my companion pet. I am an expert in chronic pain as I have Systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia and migraines. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2000 and the rest followed after that year.

5 thoughts on “Doggy Daycare Feb 15, 2012”

  1. Thanks for stopping in at All Things Dog Blog. We’ll be glad to have you join our Weekly Wag, designed specifically for helping you build a deeper bond with your dog. I enjoyed visiting your site today and look forward to coming again. Keep up the good work!

    1. Yes! They have so many dogs there that I just love! I’m only able to do it once a week & sometimes can’t even make that session. 😦 I get so sad when I have to miss a week. It’s easy to get attached to them! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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