What I have been saying all along…

The Huffington Post recently published an online article regarding dog aggression. And guess what was the main message?!? “Dog breed is not a good predictor of aggression.” Hallelujah!! And get this, dog aggression is based off other factors which include: if the dog was fixed, if the dog was purchased from a dog breeder as a puppy, if the dog has been in puppy class, etc. Please take the time to read this article to educate yourself. Discrimination against dog breeds is still discrimination, and we have enough of that in the world as it is.




Even Helen Keller knew pit bulls were not dangerous



*Thanks to www.cesarsway.com for use of picture


Author: paws2smile

I am a geeky animal lover and have an American Bulldog named Storm. Storm is my everything. She helps keep me sane by being my companion pet. I am an expert in chronic pain as I have Systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia and migraines. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2000 and the rest followed after that year.

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