Failure to Write

I really don’t know what is going on with me lately. I seem to be addicted to FaceBook when I originally wanted to start posting more on this site. I’m not in that much pain, so that isn’t the cause. Some days I can’t tell if my fatigue is kicked into high gear or if I am too lazy.

Awhile ago I had a negative experience with an article that I was writing for one of my city’s magazines. It’s my first ‘no’ or negative experience. I know everyone fails. I know critics will voice their opinion. Yet I seem to be having a rough time letting this go and moving on. This is my only guess to why I can’t think of a thing to write about, even if it is my favorite topic. I am trying to gather thoughts for my other blog, which I will most likely repost on paws2smile.

I have not faltered on my book reading, which I highly enjoy. Every time I decide on something to read, I have this small hope that it will give me  motivation or ideas to write about. When I read, I fully immerse myself into the act and don’t think about anything else. That’s one reason I enjoy reading–so I don’t have to think of any of the shit going on in my head.  But alas, no motivation to put a pen to a piece of paper.

I hope I can snap out of this soon. Does someone have a muse that I can borrow? Or better yet, a lighter to light a fire under my ass??




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6 thoughts on “Failure to Write

  1. It’s hard when you’re not feeling it. Some days you just have to sit down and start and see where it goes. Hopefully you’ll get your groove back. I find writing to be pretty therapeutic, don’t you? (Of course… it’s having other people read it that makes you feel the need for therapy.) 🙂

    1. I thought about doing some writing prompts that I have found. Hopefully it gets the gears going. And yes, I find that it’s VERY therapeutic; which is why not being able to write anything is driving me CRAZY! Haha. Thank you for the advice and visit! 🙂

  2. I wish I knew what motivates me and what doesn’t. I’m able to write daily, however I want to do grant writing and can’t find the right kick in the butt to get started. Fear of failure is running high. ..

    1. I know I used to write more when I was still working and not on Social Security. I think that is part of the problem. 😦 Oooo good luck with the grant writing, I don’t know one thing about it. Haha. Hmmm I’m not even sure if I know anyone that does that??

  3. It is ok to walk away for a while. And we mean WALK. Instead of trying to push yourself to write, walk or do something away from the computer. When the mind starts to do other things, that is when new stuff starts to flow. It will come. You can not push a rope. Your friends at DogDaz Zoo

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