Well it seems as though my Episcleritis is flaring again. The other night I rubbed my eyes in bed. Apparently I rubbed them too hard because my right eye was killing me for the rest of the night. The pain was even keeping me from sleeping. 

But even before that, I began to suspect my eye going haywire since I had plenty of eye goobs & my eyes had a secretion that I kept trying to wipe away (different than watery eyes). 

Yesterday morning I woke up to find my right eyelid swollen. Since this is all new to me I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing before it gets too worse. I bought some regular eye drops but am not used to using them yet so I haven’t used them very much. Hmmmm… I suppose I should be taking some Naproxen (aka Aleve) during this time… 

My swollen eyelid did not stop me from getting my baby some treats yesterday. I struggled trying to decide which big name company to go to. I don’t like PetSmart for the reason that they discriminate & will not allow any “bully breeds” attend their daycare (FYI-American Bulldogs are considered a bully breed). I think it is utter bullshit because bully breeds already have a tough enough time with discrimination. So for that reason, I like to shop at Petco. However, I like PetSmart’s toy/treat selection better. 😦 This trip I decided to go with PetSmart. 

I ended up spending much more than planned (usual how it is) but I figured it has been a while since I have spoiled her this much. One item I wanted to make sure to get was a rawhide bone. Yes, I know some of you are against them but it’s a good energy outlet for her on my bad days when I can’t walk/play with her. And yes, I supervise when she is chewing on them. 

I only gave her half of the bone yesterday and set it on the book stand. This morning it took me a couple seconds to figure out why she laid next to the book stand and not me. 

Ahhhhhh food always wins. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Patience 

  1. I hope your eye recovers well though. At the very least, you need to get a good look at this “I can knock this bookcase over, you know” warning-stare she’s giving you.

    1. Thank you for the wellness wishes. 🙂 Haha, I know, she means business! Thank you for stopping and commenting. 🙂 I hope the rest of the week goes well for you!

  2. Aw, dogs don;t need to “speak”. Cute photos 🙂
    So sorry to hear your eyes are sore and swollen and itchy again. Very irritating 😦 I know this is a specific problem, but what I find does help with “allergy” eyes, is gently placing a very cold face cloth on your eyelids for a few moments. It sort of helps with the itchiness at least.

  3. I’m not against rawhides if the dog is supervised. I do want to mention, Farley, my wheaten terrier, got sick from one. The vet told me once a dog has chewed the raw hide I should throw it out. They carry bacteria that grows after the dog has chewed on it. Who knew? Smaller rawhides might work better. Good luck with your eyes. Your dog looks like she’s a good companion for when you’re feeling down.

    1. Interesting. I have never heard a dog getting sick from one. And it’s interesting that the vet said that about raw hides. Heck, if that is the case that would cut Storm’s chewing time in half and she already inhales them. There are times when the piece is somewhat small enough that she will swallow it and it gets stuck in her throat. I have to open her mouth, stick my hand down her throat to grab it and pull it out. But that’s the way she is, she inhales and never chews. Even treats. Thank you for the wishes. 🙂 She is a good companion for when I am not well. If I have to spend a day in bed, she usually lays next to me the whole time. 🙂 Dogs are the best. Thank you for the visit–I hope you have a good rest of the week! 🙂

      1. Our Ray is also an “inhaler” and it was recommended that we never give him anything that could get stuck and/or cause possible choking. It made perfect sense to us.

      2. That would mean no treats for Storm! I have stopped giving her other “chewing things” such as bully sticks/pigs ear since she mostly just swallows it whole. It’s just such a waste since I buy the item to keep her busy. LOL

        I did teach her to “chew it up.” I mimicked chewing and she caught on. Sometimes she is so focused on the treat that she ignores me. But the second time I will mention the phrase a few times to her and she will chew it while looking in my eyes.

      3. Ray still gets lots of “treats”, but they are small and often get inhaled however, he also loves (and will chew) vegetables and fruit! He is very happy when given a piece or two of apple; a segment of mandarin; a kale stem; a piece of banana etc. A treat could also be a “lick” of peanut butter, or coconut oil (which really helps his coat condition). I suspect that his “grab and inhale” routine had origins to when he was a stray, and didn’t know when the next meal would be. More recently he has, in general, been a little less hyper when food is around, but it has taken him 2 years to get to that place!

      4. The vet talked about the bacteria carried in a raw hide once a dog was chewed on it. To be fair, the raw hide had been hanging around for a couple of days…

  4. Oh deer human – I’m sorry you have a dog -(but he is kinda cute -{fur a dog}_ (you didn’t hear that from me)-

    So sorry about your eyes – wish I knew how to help. My eyes get icky sometimes too and that Flippin human irritates the heck out of me always wiping them -*(tail FLAP)!* 😾

  5. Maggie, an AmStaff, was boarded at the PetSmart Pet Hotel and she got hurt there. I don’t think they supervised her. She was supposed to be in a “suite” but somehow she ended up in more of a “kennel” and, once they reimbursed me for medication, they said, “She’s not welcome anymore” (duh, like I would send her back) so now we don’t shop there. Hope your eye gets better!

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