A Not So Wordless Wednesday – Noooooooo!

Storm’s leg has been bothering her for the last couple of weeks when I took her out across the street in the field. As always, I repeated “Stay here!” sternly so she knew I meant no funny business. She does a great job of staying by me but when she sees another person she acts like she’s never seen one besides me and tears off after them so she can get attention. Yes, she is an attention-whore. 🙂

Before taking off her leash, I grasped her collar and made her sit and wait and for the command of “Go!” Things played out as normal and she began sprinting around in circles.

I watched her having fun, then all of a sudden she began to hold up her back left leg. I figured that it couldn’t be that serious as she didn’t even give out a yelp or bark. As soon as I saw her limping around I brought her back to me, put on her leash and took her back to the apartment.

A few years ago something like this happened and the doctor said it was “lameness”, which I had never heard before. I mean, I have heard it being used to describe one’s personality, but I didn’t think it was a real condition (medically). He gave her Prevocox (not sure on the spelling…) and within a week she was back to her old self.

A few days later she was still limping around so I called the vet’s office, explained the situation and that I thought it was another bout of lameness. I bought more Prevocox from him and after a week she still wasn’t back to her old self. She had begun to walk on it though so I figured she must be getting better.  I tried bringing her to doggy daycare with me the other day and she only lasted a half an hour. 😦 She wanted to just lay down and not even play. I felt horrible. 😦

I took her to the vet’s yesterday and he started to look at her on the ground, moving her leg all around to check for any abnormality. He touched her leg, foot, and she never became vocal.

But then he took her kneecap in his hands…

And he moved the bones while asking me if I knew what that meant. I told him no, although in my I head I kept repeating, ‘Please no torn ACL, please no torn, ACL, please, please!’

* A torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is when a ligament of the knee is injured.

“Torn ACL,” said the vet.

“Fuck!” I yelled.

When growing up, we had a Rottie and she ended up tearing her ACL. I remember my mom (single mom raising twins) not being able to afford the surgery. Thankfully, her ex agreed to help out. That is when I found out dogs can have a torn ACL.

My vet said surgery would cost me around $800.00. I have no idea how I will pay for Storm’s surgery. I don’t work, I am on Social Security Disability for my Lupus. Yes, I do get a payment each month but it is minimal since I only had what? Only 15 years of work in my life? And half of what I get each month goes to rent.

I know my vet takes payments but it will take me forever to pay off with only being able to afford $30 bucks a month for the payment. I know there are a couple of animal websites that offer to help a person’s vet bill so I need to check them out.

I have been thinking of setting up a Go Fund Me account to help with the bill. My vet mentioned the option that I can just “let it heal” on it’s own. It would take quite a few months but eventually she wouldn’t be holding her leg up the whole time. The thing with that is, it can later cause leg/joint problems down the road. Oh and Storm will be in pain/can’t go on walks for months.

This blows goats and I have no idea what I am going to do… Sigh…

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10 thoughts on “A Not So Wordless Wednesday – Noooooooo!

  1. While reading this, was going to say ACL… then I saw what your vet said 😦 Sometimes, we’d have people in similar situations. If the tears were not too bad, the doctor would recommend rest. Meaning only walking on a leash to go potty, no jumping, crates, etc for at least 6 weeks. I can imagine that’s not an easy task. Recently, my vet mentioned Red Rover to me. They sometimes help people with pets who need care. Sorry to hear this!

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts. American Bulldogs are very high energy dogs so it’s almost impossible to keep her still. We also live on the 2nd floor of an apartment so to go outside we go down a long hallway for the elevator or we have a set of stairs literally on the other side of our apartment to go outside. At least with surgery, the vet said he would want her to begin walking around day 5 after the surgery.

      Thank you so much for mentioning Red Rover to me! I looked it up yesterday and will be sending in an application! 🙂

      I will eventually be posting what I decided on once I figure it out. I know I can’t wait much longer.

      Take care and have a lovely weekend!


  2. Go for the Go Fund Me account and let me know. I’ll donate and share. BTW: I had a rottie puppy, inbred, who had a shattered elbow when he was six months old. Had the surgery and he lived to be almost 12 never having a problem. That was a good outcome. The question becomes, if you don’t do the surgery, can it get worse? Wishing you good luck with this. Love, Paulette

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and information, Paulette. ((HUGS)) I am glad the surgery work on your end! If there is no surgery, it could heal but would have leg joint problems later down the road. So that makes me wonder, how much money would I have to spend to get pain meds, vitamins, etc. I sometimes use her body to help me off the floor so she needs good bones and strength to support me.

  3. So sorry and I have a friend who set up a Go Fund me account to pay of her cats treatment and they helped her pay of most of it.
    Put photo of that adorable face on your goofing me and I bet you have no trouble getting her money for the help she/he? needs.

    1. Good to hear that the Go Fund Me acct is helping your friend! Yeah, I need to put something together yet. Thank you for the comment and follow! 🙂 I look forward to reading/looking at more of your posts!

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