Dear Bloggers,

When I first started blogging a few years ago, I created this blog as well as my other WordPress blog (sdloopy). At the time, one of my friends mentioned that I should just combine the two but I felt I should keep each open as each are for a different subject. If some of you follow my other one, I’m sure you have noticed that I don’t use it too often. And if you happen to leave me a comment, it usually takes months for me to respond. I can’t help but wonder if I should just push my OCD aside and combine the two. Would it be bearable if you happened to read about my health after seeing pictures of Storm? Because I realize followers may follow a blog for one main subject. Do any of you have more than one blog?  Have any of you been in this situation?


Paws (aka Jenny)  🙂

21 thoughts on “Thoughts?

  1. Hi my friend, you’re correct…folks often follow a site based on a particular topic, but many contain variety, so it can go either way. I tried maintaining two blogs for a short time but it was just too much work. Whatever works best for you is what’s impt…and you’ll be supported no matter what you decide. Hugs

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I feel that it’s almost too much work as well, even though I am mostly never on the other blog. It’s just the hassle of logging out, then in, out and in. Plus, once a post pops in my head there is a good chance I will not remember what I wanted to write once I finally get on my other blog! Haha! *Hugs*

  2. I think with the title of your blog you could get away with mixing your content. The “Paws” would be your adorable dog, the “smiles” could be about you or whatever you choose to share. If you have a description of your blog someplace, (which I looked, and you don’t, but you should 🙂 ), I would not categorize it as a pet blog…….I would definitely add some description of your blog. I have two blogs (and I wish I just had one, having two is quite hard as you know), but both of mine are pet blogs. One of mine is a dog blog and the other is a cat blog. DakotasDen

    1. That’s a great idea! 🙂 Thank you 🙂 I am still pondering the description! You think I should still have one even though I updated my ‘About Me’ section?

  3. Hi Jenny – I use the same Blog for 3 Categories: Dog Stories, Dear Diary (memoirs) and Just Thinking (creative writing). The only downside is that the Home Page will always show the latest Post, regardless of Category. On the plus side, a visitor can sort by Category if they so desire. It is also interesting how many people find the Blog based on 1 Category, but end up reading Posts in other Categories!

    In summary – I am using a single Blog for 3 totally unrelated subject areas. Would I recommend going that route? Absolutely! I have not received one negative comment about the Blog site structure. Hope that gives you some ideas. Colin.

    1. Thanks for your recommendation! I will have to check out your blog again to see how it is set up. I think I may just do the one blog, I just need to figure out the Categories how you have yours. Hmmm.. is that where the tags are when you type a new post?

  4. You can do whatever you like. I put everything on my blog. More than one subject can keep things interesting and yet, one subject attracts those who are only interested in that one issue. Either way, you have to be comfortable with what you decide.

  5. I think it is up to you to treat your blogs seriously or not. The issues you can be managed more or less. I think people understand that. Keeping the goal of each blog, could be much easier for the followers and organized.

  6. I have 3 blogs, a story blog, a bipolar mental health advocate blog and now my Christian blog. Hard word keeping them up, but I wanted them separate.

  7. It’s my blog, but when one of my family members has to write I say, “Guest Blogger – so and so.” It works well for me. I say, change it up as much as you like! Keep the humans guessing. Woof!

  8. I think it makes total sense to combine your two blogs into one, and just write whatever you feel like writing about at the time. People will still follow you.
    It would make things a lot easier for you, and less stressful and therefore more fun; which is what blogging is all about.
    Go for it! And I look forward to reading your posts 🙂

  9. I ended up combining my two blogs. I had one for portrait photography and the other for landscapes and wildlife. I decided I could combine them easy enough. I set up a page just for the portraits and it is located up top of my blog. On it, there are many client and family pictures I have taken. I post a bit of everything on my blog now and it seems to work out just fine for me.

    1. Ah,ok. Is this what you were having trouble with? I think I will also combine my two blogs, I just need to set up a page how you did.
      What really irks me about them changing stuff is the sizing of the pics (or maybe this is what you had issues with? I can’t remember! Lol). Before is was easy; they gave you small, medium and large. Now, they have dimensions. I don’t know what dimension something is! Why can’t they just say small, medium, or large? 🙂

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