After much pondering, I have decided to go back to only one blog; it will be less of a hassle for me.  Thank you all for your comments and recommendations. I find the process rather amusing as it all started with this blog then deciding to start sdloopy. So I copied what Lupus posts I had at that time and pasted them in the other. Now I’m bringing them back to this one. Haha! Oh well! The only way to see if something works is if you try it, right??

I will leave sdloopy active for some time as I copy and paste everything. Eventually I will delete it. Get ready for a heaping pile of posts your way! 🙂

You can now find my Lupus (or health related) posts on the right hand side under the section ‘Etc’.


Author: paws2smile

I am a geeky animal lover and have an American Bulldog named Storm. Storm is my everything. She helps keep me sane by being my companion pet. I am an expert in chronic pain as I have Systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia and migraines. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2000 and the rest followed after that year.

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