LOVE her work!

One of my favorite dog photographers …

Elke Vogelsang lives in Germany and takes animal portraits. Her unique pictures have captured me and I cannot seem to get enough of them. It’s possible that you have seen her work as it has been shown on websites including Huffington Post. It is also possible that you have seen her book, Nice Nosing You, or in magazines such as Bark Magazine.

Here are a couple samples of her work:



You can find her on Facebook:

or her blog here:   I hope you enjoy her pictures as much as I do! 🙂


*Thanks to Elke Vogelsang for use of photographs from her Facebook page

26 thoughts on “LOVE her work!

    1. No problem! Her blog is somewhat sad but her FB pics are funny. 🙂 Thanks for the visit! Storm sends slobbery kisses your way and I send snuggles to the pups!

  1. There is a sense of humor behind those pictures. At least that is what I see. Unique! Enjoyable! Brings a smile to my face! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hehe yeah, I might need to edit my post and give a small forewarning about her more serious shots on her blog.

      Thank you for the visit and comments! I’m glad at least some of them made you smile! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    2. The eyes are what jump out at me first.
      I guess thats the first thing I always notice…the eyes.
      Thank you for sharing!

    1. Her blog is a little more serious, but her FB page is funny. 🙂 She does have a regular website too. Hmm… maybe I need to edit my post and put that tidbit of info in there.

  2. I could only get to the part where the guy was beating dogs in a bag with a rock……:( 😦
    These dogs are so beautiful. All are unique. Gorgeous eyes…
    And….people kick and beat them. I hope it comes back on them.
    WHY do people have to be SO MEAN????
    If they dont want a ton of dogs or cats..maybe they should not have any. Period.
    Or, maybe the owner needs to be fined. For not spaying their animals.
    This makes me so mad. And sad. 😦
    It makes me wonder sometimes, who is better? The people or the animals?????
    Sorry..I just can’t stand it.
    But..if I had the place and money, I would love to adopt all of them. And make it like Cesar’s place for dogs ( and cats ) to have fun and play the rest of their lives. They deserve that.
    I wonder if it will ever stop. The abuse.

    1. I know, it makes me angry and sad too! 😦 Ha Animals are definitely better! Every once in a while you see two species of animals co-existing. We can’t even do that!

      I don’t know if the abuse will ever stop but we can work to at least help cut it down. Kind of like if discrimination or racism would ever stop. The thought is nice but I don’t think it could happen. I’m not a negative person but just looking at it from a realistic point of view…

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