Car Show

Recently, my sister’s boyfriend’s dad found out that he has cancer. To help with costs, they put on a fundraising car show about a week and half ago. Here are some of the shots I took and none have been edited (other than cropping) except one picture. I know what you’re thinking, how random this is to put up a post like this.

‘Really, cars? Where are pics of puppies?’

But cars are part of my childhood. In the summer I grew up traveling different states and going to car shows while my friends stayed home and played with their friends. I might have complained when I was younger but now am thankful for the memories I have.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!





This is one I edited to show what was on the hood.






This is a 1972 Ford pickup. Well, that is what the owner claimed based on the engine he used. Everything is made from wood (except tires, windshield, etc). It was pretty unique!
No glass for windows on doors, so hopefully you like breezy rides! 🙂
Yes, even the foot pedals were made of wood

24 thoughts on “Car Show

  1. Sometimes we don’t need to see a pic of puppies to feel your vibe. It’s beautiful to be able to share something so personal to you as a person. Love the first one 🙂 xx Memories are so precious- always to be celebrated. Tomorrow I’m sure another cute puppy will be waiting to make our hearts go aaaaaaw

    1. Awww that is so very nice of you to say that. 🙂 Thank you, that helped some of the guilt feelings I had. Sorry I am getting back to you late! 😦 I hope you have a good rest of the week! And yes, I am putting up another cute puppy post today. Lol! 🙂

    1. I know, right?!? That truck is so creative! I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. 🙂 I agree, I would drive one of those cars rather than a newer one ANY day. Thanks for the visit and comment. 🙂

  2. Wow these cars are all wonderful! So lovely to see old cars in such good condition. And yes! I had to look twice at the wooden car! Totally impractical, but a feat of carpentry. 🙂 I hope lots of funds were raised to help the Dad fight his cancer.

    1. I know, I loved seeing all of them! And yes, the wooden one has to be my favorite! 🙂 I’m not sure how many funds were raised but I imagine they got a good amount. They also had a raffle there

      1. I hope so too! Haha! I still don’t know how much they raised, I need to remember to ask. But yes, it was fun! 🙂 Sorry for getting back to you so late!

  3. Nice pictures. That wooden car is amazing, but I would never dare drive it myself. Hope the fundraiser got a lot of money and the guy will get well soon.

    1. Thank you kindly! 🙂 Yeah, I think the owner has it mostly for looks. But then again, he did say that it’s a different vehicle for as he himself is different. Haha. Thank you for the wishes and visit! 🙂

      1. You are welcome! Interesting post, I liked it. Car shows are a big deal. The antique ones are best.

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