Wordless Wednesday – More Park Pics

These pictures were taken sometime from late Spring to early Summer. And, well, you know how I post things on time…Bahahahaha!

"C'maon Mom! Stop taking pictures and let's go explore up there!"
“C’mon Mom! Stop taking pictures and let’s go explore up there!”
HDR filter
HDR filter

14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – More Park Pics

    1. Hahaha! Is that what they are called? I wasn’t sure and recently saw them on one of the blogs I follow, but of course can’t remember which one.
      🙂 Cool! Thanks. For both facts! Haha!

      1. Many folks mistake these for phlox. Dame’s bloom earlier (May/June) and phlox don’t start till July-ish. Another ‘tell’ is that Dame’s only have 4 petals, phlox has 5.
        Now you can impress your friends at parties 😉😉

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