Two Fish, Three Fish, No Fish

Hey everyone, sorry you haven’t heard/seen me lately. I forgot how much my Fibromyalgia hates winter and cold. I was in more pain than normal all of last month. I went through some of your blog posts but that was all you were going to get from me. Haha! Around Thanksgiving I had a bitch of a migraine that wouldn’t disappear. Finally on the 5th straight day, I knew I had to go in and ask for something different/stronger than my Percocet. My sister, M, was kind enough to pick me up and take me to acute care so I could get a shot at the top of my butt. 🙂 It had been quite some time since I had to get a pain shot and whewwww it burned. Now, I am mostly feeling better.

And naturally, if it’s not me having health issues it’s Storm. Yes, she is still having issues with her leg and it started to swell up again. Either she opened her old wound or it burst open on its own. I have her blood/fluids on my floors, furniture and blankets because it is slowly draining. I’m impatiently waiting for her wound to heal so I can start deep cleaning. On Monday, I take her in to get an x-ray to see if that will show anything unusual. Sigh…this damn dog is getting to be too expensive for someone on just a Social Security income. 😦

See that big 'ol ball of fluid on what would be her kneecap?
See that big ‘ol ball of fluid on what would be her kneecap?

Thankfully, I no longer have a dating life so I am able to take care of Storm and myself. I really hate the dating life. The guy I really liked saw me for a few more weeks. One night we had a REALLY great night at my place. His wall finally came down a little. I found out he loves peanut butter too so we talked about it for about five straight minutes. What started our convo was that he asked if I had something to munch on and I showed him my box of peanut butter and chocolate chip granola bars. He said he was going to eat the whole box and I thought he was joking so I said that it was fine. He ended up eating the whole box! It was a brand new box! Haha! We were cuddling on the couch and it had been almost three weeks since seeing him last so I said I had missed him and he said he missed me too. Shortly after he took off so I could sleep. I texted him the next day and I got no response. I texted him the day after and the day after that. Nothing. Okay buddy, I can take a hint. I don’t want to assume but I think maybe he got the feels for me and that scared him. I don’t find it a coincidence that I express my feelings by saying that I missed him and him disappearing after that night.

I decided to meet up with another guy to see how that went. We started to watch a movie and he didn’t waste any time in pulling me in to cuddle. Red flag! I thought that I would see how it went it a little longer. He asked me if I wanted to know anything else about him and I mentioned that I couldn’t think of anything at that time. He said that he wanted to know something else about me so I asked what he wanted to know. He said, “I want to know if you are a good kisser.” I giggled, he was being so corny. So I thought, sure what the hell, and we started making out. Um, wow… Within minutes, the bottom half of my whole face was covered with his slobber. After an agonizing amount of time, I finally had to pull away and casually wipe my face.

I thought maybe I could try again but try to stay in charge and show him how to kiss me. I moved closer annnnnnnnd he stuck his tongue out in between his lips… Bahahahaha! He didn’t try put his tongue back in, he just sat there like that. HOW DO YOU EVEN RESPOND TO THAT?!?! I would lean in like I was going to kiss him,  but even then he wouldn’t pull it back in so I would awkwardly pull away. I tried a couple times yet nothing changed, so I just gave up and acted like I wanted to cuddle. Haha. He decided to give me a hickey on my neck. What the hell?!?! Are we back in high school?!?! And holy hell it HURT. It hurt so much that I could only grit my teeth in pain and not think about speaking up. Sure enough it was deep purple and hurt for a couple days after. *Shivers* It was such a bad date. He was a “one and done.” Soon after that, I deleted my profile on POF. dating

28 thoughts on “Two Fish, Three Fish, No Fish

      1. Ah yes, you do understand. It’s hard to remember which bloggers can relate with me. 😊 I’m glad today was a good day for you! And you’re right, take it a day at a time. Sending love and hugs back your way! ❤

  1. OMG. What a funny story. Sorry for your pain (my wife has lupus and fibro, so I know what you are going through). But your story had me laughing anyway. Hope Storm feels better soon. I hate when my puppy is sick, I feel so helpless. But thanks for a great story. Maybe you should have had Storm show your guy #2 how to kiss! And you may be right about guy #1, he has feeling for you but is afraid of those feelings.??

    1. Ahhhhh yes, you do know what I am going through. Bless you for sticking with her through all of that. I know relationships can be more challenging when illnesses are added in the mix.
      Haha I’m glad my story had you laughing! It makes me laugh too, definitely one of the most bizarre dates that I’ve had.
      I tend to have a love/hate relationship with my dog being sick. I hate that she is in pain but love it because she doesn’t bother me much (normally has a lot of energy) and it’s the only time she craves cuddling 24-7 (normally she is like a cat, only wants to cuddle when SHE feels like it lol). Bahahaha! And I was thinking along those lines about Storm showing how to kiss only I thought that I should have just let her kiss me on the face instead of being on that date! 😂 But then I wouldn’t have that great story to tell…
      Yes, #1 is afraid of those feelings. I once asked him if he was just looking for a FWB (friends with benefits) or if he actually wanted a relationship. He said he didn’t know. He somehow got hurt in the past and I didnt ask him to elaborate because it was still very early with us.

  2. Chronic pain is no fun. I have it so I know the problem. I hope stormy infections clears up without to many trips to the vet. I know it hard on Social Security. Have a pleasant week.

  3. So sorry your health has been an issue lately. Hope that Storm heals quickly also. And, as for dating, I hear you. I just don’t have the time or patience or want the stress right now. (I’ve been a widow for 10 years and have thought about online dating, but things like you described above just make me cringe. I’m NOT ready for that.)

  4. Pain is a bastard.
    I hear ya on the dating issues also…that part I can relate to! I online dated about 15 yrs ago. OMG? No relationship ever came of them, however I have a million stories about all the bad 1st dates I was on 😅😄😂😣
    What’s with the slobbering, hickey-givers? The need to mark property? Hmmm.
    I even got the guy that assumed I hated Jews because of my German surname. Run!
    I hope Storm and you get some reprieve from your issues 😚

    1. Thanks and I agree, pain is a bastard!
      Hahaha wow, that guy wasn’t racist at ALL. He wouldn’t have liked me either then as I have a German surname as well! Haha!
      Hehe that’s what I thought with the hickey, that he must have really liked me and decided to let everyone that I was taken. 😂

  5. It bothers me that you let him give you a hickey, even though you didn’t want one. Maybe just start coughing next time. Have a coughing fit. Throw in some sneezes. And if you accidentally spit on the other person, oh well. 🙂

  6. Hi there buddy! My thoughts about on line dating and in “real” life dating are the same as the meme! LOL!!! I hope you are feeling much better. You and Storm.

  7. Reading your post took me back to a long time ago when I dated. Dating.. yuk.. But I thought I would share a bad date story with you. So here goes the story. He came over to watch a movie, 5 minutes into the movie, he fell a sleep sitting up on my couch. As the movie progressed, so did his snoring. I kept turning the TV up so I could hear it. Eventually the TV was so loud it woke him up. He woke up startled and said, ” The TV is kind of loud.” I answered, “So were you.” He left gracefully. We never had another date. Now could you imagine trying to sleep next to that. I laughed when he left. I still do now. Hope that made you smile.

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