A Nightmare

*Viewer discretion: Not for the faint-hearted*

Wow… I should have knocked on wood after I finished my last post. Storm’s leg condition spiraled downward fast and started to affect the hair/skin past her foot. Her foot became so bloody which left my house bloody. Blah!


My sister saw Storm’s condition and was going to make me bring her into the vet’s on the day I wrote my last post. She was even going to pay for the bill herself. I didn’t make an appointment at first but then decided to take her up on her offer and bring Storm in on the next day.

I brought Storm in around 2:00 and she was all smiles to the vet techs, while she had blood dripping down her foot. They took a sample from her foot wound and went to check it. My vet came back into the room and told me her foot was dead. “There is no blood flowing in her foot,” he told me making sure I understood what he meant. I had a suspicion that he would say something along those lines. I held it together while talking to him about what to do next. He mentioned the foot had to come off as it is useless and to try and stop the infection from spreading. I asked him a few more questioned and said that I needed to take the time to see if my mom would let me borrow some money. I also had to think about where I would want them to cut, at her knee or hip. It was just so much to take in…

Seeing the foot was dead, I asked if there was any reason to keep the cone still on her. He said no but to maybe wrap her foot in a sock or something to help with the blood getting everywhere at home.

As soon as I left I realized I needed someone to talk to, but it was in the middle of the day and everyone was still working. I tried calling my dad but after a miscommunication on my part he called right back. I told him Storm’s foot was dead and immediately began sobbing. I told him that I knew it was just a foot but it still had a huge impact on me. He understood and sat on the phone with me for a bit as I released all my sadness and frustration. We got off the phone and I realized my mom had just gotten off work so I called her and told her the news as well.

I came home and decided to wrap her foot so she didn’t have to wear that annoying collar anymore. I had leftover gauze and wrap from the night before when I tried wrapping it. I soon found out that I didn’t have enough of each and only half of her foot was wrapped. I quickly ran to Walmart to pick up the items and went right back home.

I opened my door and I saw blood all over the floor. Blood all over my love seat. Blood all over her foot—-no, wait. The blood was from inside her foot. She ate half of her foot.

I slowly came inside while creeping her way. She had blood smeared over the side of her face. I remember saying “no” and “Storm” over and over again. She didn’t seem fazed, she just watched me. I called my mom and with difficulty told her she needed to come over ASAP, that I needed help. My mom came inside and had a hard time with the scene as well. She told me to call the vet so we could bring her back in. We wrapped her stump with a couple kitchen towels and seeing that I was in no shape to drive, my mom drove us to the vet.

While originally talking to my dad about where to amputate, he mentioned a couple of points that helped me to make the decision of amputating her leg at the hip. We were told that she would have emergency surgery the next day.


I am stopping this post for now as I am sure it is quite a bit to take in for my loyal readers. This story doesn’t stop at this point though, sadly it continues and I will write another post hopefully soon.


15 thoughts on “A Nightmare

  1. My heart is aching for you and Storm. Praying she comes through this okay. My Max was born missing a paw and he hobbles around on the other three, the cutest little (not so little) tripod rottie. He doesn’t even know he’s only using three legs. Again praying all goes well. Love, Paulette

    1. Thank you kindly, Paulette. I took her to a different place of care and she is now thriving! 🙂 I will explain that in the next post I write. I hope you have a great week and give Max a kiss for me. 🙂

  2. Oh no!! I am so very sorry. POTP thoughts flowing your way. 💖 I can tell you from experience, ‘tripods’ lead happy, full lives, it’s us uprights who have difficulty with it. Hope everything goes well for sweet Storm.

    1. Thank you very much. I’ve heard nothing but positive things about tripods so I’m feeling a little better about Storm’s new situation. I hope you have a good week! 🙂

  3. Tragic to go thru all of this. So hope that it all works out for you.

    Terrible that he chewed his own foot. Just almight stressful for you and your dog. Poor baby!

    Just some food for thought. I have been a holistic healer for many years now, helping many pets through health issues, from the minor to very serious. Although Vets diagnosis and input with my cases have been of great assistance, there is also suggestions that did not offer much help at all. That’s when alot of my clients, after thousands of dollars in vet bills, and no answers, have sought out more alternative ways of healing….with great success.

    The question I would be asking this Vet, is what caused this infection? What is the root cause? Is there a diagnosis? What are my alternatives? There has to be a reason behind this infection!

    I also would be asking for a SECOND OPINION from another vet, or would be asking a more natural minded vet, what their conclusion is. And find out what other options you have.

    Vet’s have much knowledge and we need them to help our pets, but also remember, we can have a say into our final decisions about our pets. Not all intentions by vets are of the best of intentions.

    Get a diagnosis! Do your research. Get a second opinion. Follow your intuition. Don’t blindly trust a vet. Make your own decisions. Demand answers. It is not just up to them, you have a say in all of this, and you know your dog better then anyone. Trust this.

    Hope this helps.

    Best of luck.
    Keep us posted.

  4. Dogs are resilient creatures. And yes – at times like these they remind us they are animals. Chewing wounds is what they do.
    May Storm get the best of care and be free of pain soon. You must be her advocate 💛

  5. Oh no! Sorry to hear this. I’ve seen lots of dogs with only 3 legs that don’t even seem to notice. I’m sure he’ll feel so much better when the infection is gone!

  6. I tried to figure out what happen to Storms foot but could not figure it out. I am so sorry you had to make this decision what a hard one it had to be. Lots of prayers for you and storm.

  7. I was not expecting this outcome when I started reading your post. If I’m in shock I can only imagine what you and Storm must have gone through.
    It is the hardest thing to watch your baby suffer. I hope that Storm recovers over time. The main thing is for her not to be in pain any more. I am sure she will manage on three legs just fine.
    Sending you both hugs and best wishes for a full recovery.
    And Healing Licks from Little Monkey to Storm. 🙂

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