Next Health Product!

Thursday I received my new health product in the mail. I was so excited that it was the only thing I could think of this last week. Just hearing people’s testimonies made me dream of what it could possibly do for me. And this product? CBD oil!

I noticed my friend, Jodi, posting things to her FB page about CBD oil and that she was now selling it. We started to chat about it and I told her I tried some in the past, but didn’t notice any difference in my pain/ailments.

But it wasn’t just my okay-ish experience with the product, I simply could not afford it.  After some more chat messages she said, “So I know you’ve been blogging…wanted to see if you’d be interested in doing a 30 day blog about a 30 day journey with CBD oil.”

After some major thinking I decided to go for it. And I know she wasn’t just trying to sell me something; she has a huge heart and truly wants me to feel better.

Here is the product: Hempworx

I received the peppermint flavor. The one I received in the past was from my cousin, CC, (another person with a huge heart) and that one was chocolate mint. So I had an idea of what this new one would taste like.

They do have other products as well including icy rub pain cream (which smells quite nice and does not have the hemp “smell.”), anti-aging cream, moisturizer, CBD oil for pets, and CBD dog treats.

Jodi told me the directions:

Start with five drops under the tongue and keep it there for 30 seconds. Then you can swallow like normal. Five drops in the morning right away while your stomach is empty then five more right before you climb into bed while your stomach is empty again. Wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking anything. Continue this for a week then you can change five drops to ten.

Yesterday I asked her if I had to wait the full week before I could increase as I could not tell any difference. She said that it was okay and that she herself had done the same a couple days after receiving her first bottle. Jodi told me just to listen to my body if the increase was too much for me. If it is too much of a fast change, a person might get headaches or nausea. I think it’s going okay… The key word is think. I have a headache but that is normal for this time of year. Hmmm so I am not sure if I will be able to tell if I move too fast with an increase.

This would be day four and so far there are no changes. I know it takes a while before I will feel relief but I am just so impatient! April has always been nasty to me (due to weather changes) and the last few weeks I have been more miserable than normal. I am excited about this product though!


10 thoughts on “Next Health Product!

  1. So funny that i came across this post because so many people I know have been starting to sell with hempworx lol. I don’t currently use this brand but I’ve been using CBD oil for my pain and migraines for a couple years now and it honestly has made such a difference in my heath. CBD oil not only helps with inflammation and pain but it’s extremely helpful on a cellular level and has so many benefits for the body and mind. When the CBD isn’t strong enough, i just smoke marijuana because i need the high THC with a low CBD percentage for my pain type but at least i know the CBD oil that I take on top of smoking is doing good things for my body. Good luck on your journey!

  2. Wishing you loads of luck with this miracle product. We are HUGE fans of CBD oil (we use it for Elsa’s seizure condition) and recently had a mini interview with a local organic CBD grower/producer with whom I plan to affiliate with and promote soon. Very excited for you!

    1. My friend got me on it. Her and her husband decided to try it and was amazed how well it worked that she now sells it part time. I don’t sell it but they have an awesome program where every three people that sign up with me, I get a bottle free. It is Please read my other posts about my 30 days on the product first. If you still are interested go ahead and place an order.

      And with any “other” health product, I have to mention the FDA disclaimer stating these have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. In my blog posts, I mention how it has helped only me.

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