CBD Oil Update

So it has been a week since blogging last and truthfully I wanted to blog a few days ago but I have been dealing with some intense head pain. At first I thought it might be allergies but now I am wondering if it is my TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome.

My symptoms include a very “sharp” headache that gets worse if I move or walk. I also am dealing with earaches and neck pain. The neck pain starts at the very top of the neck, actually a little past where it connects to the back of the head, then ends at the base of the neck. I also would describe this pain as “sharp.” The neck pain isn’t the muscle, like how I would describe my Fibromyalgia. But feels like a line that I can feel inside my neck.

Tuesday I thought I would experiment with the CBD oil. I placed one drop errrr I should say, carefully balanced a drop on my finger then massaged my forehead, the backside of my neck and in one of my ear canals.

Maybe five minutes later, most of my headache was gone. It gave me relief for two or three hours.

My earache pain was soon gone and didn’t return at all until the next day! My neck pain stayed the same and I’m guessing it is due not enough strength/drops that was used.

Other than mildly helping my head pain, I noticed that I have been sleeping better. I still can’t fall asleep right away but once I fall asleep, it turns into a DEEP sleep. I explained it to my mom as when you wake from a deep sleep, expecting you only have an hour left before your alarm goes off only to find out you have only slept for two hours and still have the rest of the night for more sleep. Surely you all know what I’m trying to describe. 😊

Jodi and I both agree that it unfortunately might take me longer to see results due to all the toxins in my body. I feel frustrated with knowing that but it is what it is…

8 thoughts on “CBD Oil Update

  1. May I recommend peppermint essential oil for the headaches (and it also works for pain-I use it on my rotator cuff injury so I don’t have to down millions of Advil)? I continue to hope the CBD will provide you some measure of comfort once you’ve leveled out. 🤞🏼And it’s always better to start out with the lowest dose and increase if you need to. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I have tried peppermint essential oil for headaches and it didn’t work for me (I use Young Living EO). But it does help me when I get an upset stomach. My friend mentioned the same thing about starting out with lowest dose. If the 500 mg bottle doesn’t work, they do have a 750 mg that I could try.

    1. Thanks for reading! 🙂 One thing to look for that I have learned is to look at the ingredients. Many have fillers (sunflower seed oil, etc) so people are thinking they are buying a really good product when in fact they are not. And some of the fillers may help with things. But with Hempworx, there are no fillers.

  2. Good luck to you on your health journey. I want to try cbd oil for my headaches now. Hopefully I have the same result as you. Thanks for sharing.

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