Park of Monster

Hello! Yes, I am still alive! I have a new addiction that is keeping me from any writing or even being on social media. I normally am not a “gamer” or one who plays video games but I recently got sucked into one. It’s more of an app.  It’s called Park of Monster and it’s a merging game. I  have become so addicted that I have spent money to further me in the game. I know, I know! Never pay for app games! But someone took me under their wings and helped me learn more about the game and one lesson I learned is that a person doesn’t necessarily HAVE to spend money in the game. 

Basically, the story is that demons have polluted this land where monsters live. And it is your job to get as many monsters as you can to clean up the land and make it lush and green again.

The monsters start off as eggs and once you have three of the same eggs, you place them next to each other to merge them. Magically the three eggs disappear and a monster is born! The monster starts off as a tiny version. Once you go through the process and get three tiny monsters (of the same monster), a small version appears. And so on and so forth.

The monsters come in all shapes and sizes. There are items you can “harvest” from other items. This is where the monster will work on item A to get item B, such as working on monster bones to get goblin caves. You can also harvest coins or ores that can be used to purchase monster eggs, ore warehouses, monster houses or coin vaults. You can also harvest to get stars, moons and suns. These items are the “magic” that makes the polluted lands green again.

Here are a couple of screen shots:

This shows some of the monsters and what the eggs look like
Again, some of the monsters and of what the ores (colored bricks) look like

I hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully it won’t be as long as this last time before you hear from me again. I have two more blog posts in mind that I want to get out. For now, take care and stay safe! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Park of Monster

    1. Very true! However, with Covid & me having health issues, I have to stay in doors as much as possible right now. Until they find a cure or vaccine, which I hope is soon!

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