Swallowing My Pride

I have always had a Type A Personality and been a perfectionist. Overachiever? Ha, that is an understatement. Never settling for less? You betcha. I wasn’t going to let being diagnosed with Systemic Lupus get in the way of my goals. However, I soon found every day was hard for me just to live life. I can count on my hand how many times I wasn’t in pain compared to how many days that I was in putting up with my pain. The beginning of this year started my second straight year of having to use FMLA at work due to my lupus. My fatigue and Fibromyalgia seemed to be getting worse and wasn’t showing any signs of letting up.

My friend Britney recommended that I should go on social security but I was too proud. I also didn’t think I should go on disability because I knew there were people worse off than me. I felt guilty just even thinking about going on disability.

I try to read all the different Lupus books because knowledge is power. They generally have the same information but sometimes you can catch something that is different from the other books. I am disappointed that most of the books are informational and there are not many memoirs. I recently came across one that really made me consider applying for social security. Despite Lupus is written by Sara Gorman and I highly suggest the book to any Lupus patient. Not only was it informational but it also gave excellent examples of things she has came across living with Lupus. She has a certain chapter in her book regarding asking for help. I am not one to ask for help but that section helped give me the strength to really consider going on social security.

After 10 painful years, I swallowed my pride and decided that I cannot do it anymore. My doctor and I decided that I should not return back to work. It is really bittersweet. It’s hard to be able to leave my status and income that I worked so hard for. But it is nice to finally be able to take care of my health and my lupus, and not feel stressed or guilty about missing so much work.

And as you are thinking, “Yeah, must be rough not having to work and to do whatever you want!” you can immediately toss that idea out the window. Yes, it is nice not having to work. But most of the time I am too tired to function or I am in so much pain that I physically can’t do anything. Healthy people take for granted what it is like to feel good every day and cannot even come close to comprehending what myself, or another Lupus patient, goes through. I often find myself getting bitter when I explain to someone my situation and they say, “Oh yeah, I understand.” Technically, they don’t. So to all the healthy people out there—if you are talking to someone that has an illness try to use, “That is understandable” instead. This will put the patient more at ease.

Right now my employer’s short term disability insurance is deciding whether or not to accept me. I originally was on short term disability for my gallbladder surgery which then triggered my lupus to go out of control (and still is after almost two months from my surgery). So as of right now, I have no income. It’s something I never thought I would have to go through. I’m glad that I am so anal retentive and that I pay one month’s rent in advance because I don’t know how I would come up with June’s rent.

I once again had to swallow my pride and apply for social security since I don’t have a crystal ball to see if the insurance company will accept me or not. No help from my Magic 8 Ball. I kept turning it over but continuously got the response, “Reply hazy, try again.”

Knowing how the government works, I expected the application portion to be long and tedious. I like it when I am right! Once I finished the application, a two hour phone conversation with someone handling my case followed. She mentioned the “average” waiting time is three to four months. I know someone’s uncle that had to wait six months and someone else that had to wait 18 months before being accepted. So I give it about a year. Word in the doctor’s office is, that the majority of people get denied at first. I don’t plan on being one of the lucky ones getting accepted right away. I’m not looking at it negatively, I am just being realistic. Also, this way my little ego won’t be as bruised.

Sioux Falls’ Dog Rescues

If you are looking to add a pet in your life, you may want to consider adopting one. There are a couple of animal rescues in Sioux Falls to help you find your new family member. Some have plenty of advertisements and some you may never heard of. This blog is to let you know what is in our area.

When someone mentions adopting a pet they usually think of the Sioux Falls Humane Society or Second Chance Rescue. Both places are great if you are trying to find any animal. I lean more towards Sioux Falls Humane Society because I have been one of their volunteers for a few years now. Almost Home Canine Rescue is another that is located in Sioux Falls/Madison.  Here are the websites:

Humane Society:

Second Chance Rescue:

Almost Home Canine Rescue:

There are rescues that are breed specific. In a previous blog I mentioned the Dakota Dachshund Rescue (DDR) that I volunteer for.  http://www.dakotadachshundrescue.org/

Luv-A-Chin Rescue is a rescue for Japanese Chin and Japanese Chin mixes.

One of my all time favorite dogs is a boxer. For years I had planned on getting a boxer as my very first dog. I dated someone a couple of years ago that had an American Bulldog (AB) and fell in love with the breed. So when it came time for me to choose my first dog I bought an AB instead. Heck, I still may get a boxer in the future! If you are looking for a boxer rescue, you can visit the Northern Plains Boxer Rescue website.

And if you are looking for a pit bull, Sioux Empire Pit Rescue is the way to go.

Please do not buy a puppy/dog in a pet store! Odds are that puppy came from a puppy mill. By adopting, you have made a small step to help putting a stop to puppy mills!!

Who doesn’t like a wiener… dog that is

My friend’s mom, Diane, started a non-profit organization a few years ago and I wanted to help. She started a dachshund (AKA doxie or wiener dog) rescue and named it Dakota Dachshund Rescue (DDR). This Rescue has no shelter–all dogs are in foster care. They currently have 75 dogs.

To help get the word out, they have a Meet and Greet one Saturday every month at Your Pet Stop on 41st Street (Sioux Falls). You can access the dates and times by viewing their website http://www.dakotadachshundrescue.org/

The site also lists the different options how a person can volunteer. One of the choices would be to assist at the Meet and Greets by keeping the dogs happy and occupied and answer any possible questions. Volunteers are also needed for fund raising/adoption events. Every February they bring a handful, or a “pawful” if you will, to one of the Stampede hockey games for a wiender dog race on the slick ice. Owners of dachshunds bring their own dog(s) to be a participant in the race while the rescue brings adoptable dogs to the front of the arena.

Every September the rescue also brings adoptable dogs to German Fest. There, they also have the wiener dog races while the adoptable dogs are under a tent to show people what fun and great creatures they are.

Consider being a foster family if you have no time to volunteer but still want to help. They have plenty of dogs but not enough places to house them.


KDLT.com South Dakota News – Bald Eagle Awareness Week: The Morning Show Interview#video#video#video

KDLT.com South Dakota News – Bald Eagle Awareness Week: The Morning Show Interview#video#video#video.

Check this out! One of my closest friends came to Sioux Falls last night to have a presentation at the Outdoor Campus. She did such an awesome job! Yay Katie! 🙂

Looking for something to do Saturday night?

It’s the annual dog race at the Stampede game. I don’t know if you have gone to one before but it’s quite hilarious. 🙂


Stampede Wiener Dog Races — Saturday February 19th, 2011

4th Annual Wiener Dog Races set for Feb. 19,2011 It’s time once again for the ever popular wiener dog races at the Sioux Falls Arena! The 4th Annual Sioux Nation Pet Clinic “Wiener Dog Races” will take place on Saturday, February 19th against Sioux City. This year will feature two separate races, totaling 40 dogs! There will be a total of two winners this year and each winner will take home $100, compliments of Sioux Nation Pet Clinic! The winners will also receive a FREE round of shots (Rabies, Distemper & Deworming)! New to the race this year, the Stampede are hosting a “Best Dressed Contest” with the dogs. Bring your dachshund to the game dressed in their best costume and register for a chance to win a fabulous prize! The dogs will be judged at check in and the top three dogs will be asked to come back onto the ice (in full costume) during the second intermission. The winner will then be determined based on crowd applause. The registration fee for the race is $15 with 100% of the proceeds going to Dakota Dachshund Rescue. Dakota Dachshund Rescue will have adoptable dachshunds at the game in the front lobby. Be sure to stop by and say hi to these lovable, adoptable pets. Plus, find out how you can serve as a foster home or help Dakota Dachshund in other ways. Dakota Dachshund Rescue is a volunteer, non-profit organization that rescues abused, abandoned and unwanted dachshunds. Click here to learn more. Fans can purchase tickets to help benefit Dakota Dachshund Rescue. Tickets are just $10 each with $5 from each ticket going straight to the rescue. The first 40 registration forms that received will be eligible for the race. You will receive a confirmation email regarding your spot in the race. Each dog must have two humans assisting during the race. If you are interested in running your dachshund in the race please fill out a registration form. Download a registration form and/or ticket form @sfstampede.com 1001 N. West Avenue ~ Sioux Falls, SD 57104 ~ Phone: 605-336-6060 ~ Fax: (605) 333-0139  Website designed and hosted by Gage eServices.

Hello world!

I finally set up my own blog with the help of my friend, Rebecca, pushing me. Sometimes we need someone to push us or to motivate us in doing something we may be a little fearful of. As she states, “Fear is the emotion that drives everything.” My fear is that I find out I’m not as good at writing than I think I am. By that, meaning if I can captivate my readers and leave them wanting more. One way to find out, right?

I love to write. I am interested in what people have to say. I love to physically write, more than anything. To this day I still write letters with a sheet of paper and a pen which happens to be a lost art. With me blogging I am hoping to accomplish a dream of mine… to write a novel.