P.L.A.Y. Luxury Pet Beds

I was reading a dog magazine the other day (no surprise) when I saw another product ad that intrigued me; I decided to go online and take a gander. If you pull up www.petplay.com you will note that they sell luxury pet beds. Not only that, but with every bed purchased, a pad/mat will be donated to a needy pup. Partnering with Petfinder, they are calling this the Warm Bellies Initiative. I think it is a really cute concept and I am thrilled to see a business give back.

After spending some time on the website, I was surprised to see how expensive their products were.  I would think the price would deter many people to pass on by. Which in turn means not many pads/mats will be donated. But then again, I could be completely wrong based on the fact that people shell out thousands of dollars a year for their pooches. I looked up to see how much it would cost me to get Storm a large bed and I had to pick up my jaw from the desk when I found out it would be $180.00 (not including shipping). Living on a budget of $1,000 a month, I don’t plan on buying one too soon.  I am guessing the price goes hand and hand with the high quality fabric used. Their fabric designs/colors are pretty cute, by the way.

The “chill pad” is cheaper than the normal dog beds. A large dog pad is $69.00 and sounds more reasonable to me (and what I can afford). Not only do they sell dog beds/pads, they also sell play tunnels. Hmmm, I wonder if Storm would enjoy a play tunnel.

If you are in the market for a new dog bed, be sure to check out what P.L.A.Y has to offer. Not only would you be getting your dog a new bed, but you would also be helping out a dog in need.


*A special thanks to P.L.A.Y. for allowing me to use photo



Doggy Daycare Feb 15, 2012

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go spend a few hours at Mini Critters Doggy Daycare this last Wednesday. My doctor put me on a new medication with fatigue being a side effect. I didn’t want to go anywhere, do anything or see anyone. But I made myself go despite wanting to be lazy. The only time I get out of the apartment is for errands or if I go to my part time job.

I love that it is somewhat of a therapy session for me. Of course once I arrived, I was happy to see the puppies and happy that I came instead of sitting at home.

I was able to alter most of the pictures with an iPhone app.


Kind of blurry but this is an itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny puppy that recently started to come to daycare. Have to be careful though because those puppy teeth hurt!!

Not the greatest pic, it’s always a challenge to get a motion shot. A couple of the Boxers playing while George keeps them pumped up.

Resting on the bench with one of the Boxers

I dont see how this could be comfortable…

George, a Boston Terrier. He is such a cutie! Not a fan of the camera though. I did multiple attempts and this was the best I could get.

Roy taking a small break of catch but making sure he has the ball with him at all times.

Presley howling away!

I believe this is Morgan, altho I’m not quite sure…We had two other new boxers in that I had not seen before.

Here is a pic of Daisy, one of the sweetest boxers I know!

Here is a pic of Roy and Storm

Crypton Fabric

I read a couple animal/pet magazines because I am a hard-core geek, wanting to learn as much as I can. Why? Because as the adage states, knowledge is power. The trick is to see if I can cram it all in my little head and actually remember everything.

I was reading one of my magazines (I’m not sure which one it was; it’s Modern Dog, Bark or Cesar’s Way) and came across a throw ad by Crypton Fabric. It was love at first sight. I pulled up the website (www.cryptonfabric.com) and began to look for the throw I recently saw. I came to the page I was looking for and was happy to see there were so many designs.

I clicked on the one I wanted to purchase so I could view more information. It blocks stains, odor, and even moisture. And holy shit—they want $90.00 for it! But knowing that you get what you pay for, I figure this must be a pretty neat throw.

I started feeling sad because I knew I shouldn’t spend the money for a blanket. To make myself even more depressed, I continued to look at the rest of the site’s products. Months pass and I am still seeing ads in magazines, taunting me to go back on the website.

At the beginning of the year I became curious to see if I missed any Christmas deals on the Crypton website. The page pulls up and I am surprised by what I see. They have a sale on everything for 20% off plus free shipping!

I knew this deal would not last so I went for it. I was able to save around $25.00! Anxiously I waited and constantly checked my e-mail every day to see if there was any news on when I might receive it.

Today I opened our door and there was the box on the ground, shimmering, just waiting to be opened. I didn’t waste any time opening it and found myself smiling the whole time. I took it out of the plastic bag and felt the throw’s print texture. It’s thick but I notice the underside is softer and has a leather-like feel to it. I notice that the weight is heavier than what I expected. Some reason I expected it to weigh less, but am happy with the weight. I wish it were bigger but still am very excited to use it. I will write another blog once I am able to use it!

Probiotic Mission

Somehow, I was lucky enough to pick out a puppy that seems to be as sick as me (I have Lupus). She is constantly getting smelly ear infections, which I admit is partially my fault for not always being diligent and cleaning them. About every three to six months she has a “sick day” which entails her vomiting and not being able to keep anything down. So I am on a mission to find a probiotic that will help her with these issues. I hope to find a “cure-all” but know that idea is far-fetched.

My first product to test was Probiotic Miracle by Nusentia (www.nusentia.com) which starts at $25.99. They have the “Miracle Pack” which contains Enzyme Miracle and Probiotic Miracle. I didn’t want to spend a lot to find out both products don’t work so I just bought the one. I didn’t notice much of a difference when she was on this except that maybe she passed less gas. Not quite what I am looking for, but it is nice that I don’t have to smell those noxious fumes as often as I used to!

Every day I would place two little scoops on her food. At first, she wasn’t too excited about the taste; she would try to eat around the little area where I put the probiotics. After a while, she didn’t seem to notice and would lick her bowl clean.

On the nutrition label it reads that this product is a blend of:
• Bifidobacterium animalis is a fancy name for bacteria which can be found in the large intestine of you and me, or any other mammal.

• Lactobacillus acidophilus is found in the mouth, gastrointestinal tract or vagina of a mammal and is killed if taken by an oral antibiotic. This strain can improve bowel regularity and can prevent diarrhea.

• Lactobacillus rhamnosus resides in the digestive tract and produces lactic acid.

• Lactobacillus fermentum can be found in the intestinal tract of humans and animals. It may prevent and treat certain health problems, such as allergies or bowel disease.

• Lactobacillus reuteri is found in the gut and helps fight off other harmful organisms and hold off the growth of E. coli.

• Lactobacillus salivarius is a strain of bacteria that produces toxic enzymes for unwanted bacteria and is a benefit to dental health as well as gut health. “Animal testing confirmed that Lactobacillus salivarius improves the immune system response to simulated colitis and also septic shock.” (source: http://www.probiotic.org )

• Inulin (probiotic) is mostly used in processed foods to replace fat or sugar. It also increases calcium absorption and is considered a form of soluble (dissolvable if in a liquid) fiber.
I only have a couple of scoops left before I start a different product. Another blog will be in the works for that…

Source for probiotic information: http://www.wikipedia.org

Do you have a case of a “dripping/leaking” dog?

I often take my dog, Storm, into doggie daycare at Mini Critters to help get rid of her never ending energy. They are just wonderful with her and I am pleased with their service. I pick Storm up and she comes out with red eyes on her sleepy face. I tell her to jump into my CR-V and she looks at me with her eyes asking if she really has to. She eventually looks at the seat and estimates how much energy she will have to exert to be there and then jumps in.

Every day that Storm goes into daycare, she has a report card with her when being picked up. It often lists who she played with and anything special that day.

I started to receive report cards with comments such as, “Storm is leaking… Storm is dripping…” I called my vet’s office regarding this and they mentioned that she probably has to go the bathroom but is having so much fun that she wont take the time to hurry and squat. It seemed like a rational answer so I disregarded Storm’s “leaking” issues.

Not too long after I called my vet’s office, Storm started to get “dripping” comments again. The daycare mentioned that they had become worried about her and had to follow her around with a mop. They got a hold of me and tried to get me to take her to the vet. They also asked me if I noticed any little, pools of urine under Storm.

I mentioned that nothing seemed to come to mind. I remembered seeing a pool of liquid a couple times but she constantly licks her paw, but I figured it was just slobber.

I decided to take her to the vet for her “dripping” issues. We found out that her pH levels were off (Ok Chemistry geeks—do you remember what pH level is considered neutral?).

We decided to change her food and give her “Uroeze.” Uroeze comes in both powder and tablet form, however the powder seems to work the best. I noticed that it began to work instantly. So, that is something to ponder about if you find yourself with a “dripping/leaking” dog problem.

Doggie Daycare Day



Today it was the day to volunteer my services at Doggie Daycare. We had a loud, feisty bunch today but it was fun! I wish I could do more, but I hate to set up so much then get sick, only to disappoint them. I actually missed last week’s session due to being sick.  I was sick this time as well but I missed seeing the regular dogs that come in. So I suffered a couple hours to see all those smiling, drooling faces.

There was even a frenchie pup I got to play with! Some of you may not know but I am dying to get one right now. Due to circumstances, that thought is placed on the back burner for now.

A couple pics taken today for your enjoyment 🙂