New Kong Chew Treats

Some time ago, I saw an ad in a pet magazine for a new dog treat. Not just any treat, but one by KONG! Having an American Bulldog as a kid (or as some may call a pet), that company name brings music to my ears.

I was excited to start my search only to sadly find out I couldn’t find it anywhere. I asked one of the pet stores I often go to if they have heard anything regarding this new dog treat or if they would be receiving it soon. Negative. Damn. There is another company that sells some that are similar to the KONG ones & Storm seems to enjoy them. But sometimes I like to buy from the companies I know.

However, not very long after that I finally found the chew treats (thanks Mini Critters)!

As it states on the package, there is no wheat, corn or soy (the dogs with allergies can rejoice) and no animal by-products or harmful colorants/preservatives.

The ingredients include (per the info on the back of the package): potato flour, rice flour, gelatin, glycerin, water, ground peas, chicken, sunflower oil, rice starch, oat fiber, dried cranberry, natural flavor, ground flax, calcium carbonate, caramel, zinc and propionate.

Something to keep in mind about these chew treats is an important ingredient listed above: flax. This product may not be the best choice if you have a dog that has a sensitive stomach. I am fairly certain this is what caused Storm to have loose stools not too long after giving her one. Actually, I tried more than once in case the first was a fluke. So it looks like I will have to go with the original similar ones–which was checked to make sure there was no flax as an ingredient.



For more information on KONG’s products, you can visit their webpage


Scout and Zoe’s- Treats for Dogs With Allergies!

Hmmm I may have to get some of these for Storm…

Dogpaddling Through Life

Recently Jen connected with Cindy Dunston Quirk on LinkedIn, and they talked about dogs and allergies. In case you didn’t know, DeDe has food allergies, and Cindy has a company that makes treats for dogs with food allergies!

Scout and Zoe’s has a great line of products for dogs with allergies.

The chicken treats are made in Indiana. No imported chicken and no yucky stuff used in these treats! The sweet potato treats are made from taters grown right here in the US.

But that isn’t all they’ve got!

Scout and Zoe’s Antler Chews are also made in the US from antlers naturally shed by elk. If you haven’t had an antler chew before, you don’t know what you’re missing. They are ideal for dogs that like to chew. And they last a long time. 

What does Jen like about Scout and Zoe’s?

  • There’s no guessing if there’s something inside…

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