Update on Things

Hi everyone! I am super behind on everything that is WordPress: Comments, likes, views, replies, posting, etc. You name it and odds are I haven’t engaged in it for a while. And my reason? Coloring books again! Haha! I bought a couple news ones off Amazon because I wanted to learn how to use multiple colors for skin and hair (example: for skin you would use light peach, peach and red). I didn’t even touch my Kindle last week.

Other than my coloring obsession, not much else has been going on. I will do a different post regarding my love life (or lack there of). Storm has been difficult the last few months. Well, her leg anyway. She gets fluid in her leg that had ACL surgery. My vet can’t figure out why her leg is doing this and hell if I know. It got really bad a little over a month ago and my vet gave her an antibiotic and that seemed to help. Then it happened again a few weeks after that and he decided he was going to do another surgery and kind of check out the area to see why it isn’t completely healing. After some thinking and looking online I decided not to put her in surgery again. It was acting like an infection so my vet decided that we would go in the following Monday, he would get a sample of the fluid that drains out of her leg, and send that to a lab so they could try different medications on the sample and see which it would respond to. And of course the fluid went down over the weekend so when I brought her in on that Monday he wasn’t able to get a sample. Argh! Does anyone have any ideas of what it could be?


Last week I had an off/bad day. My bestie, N, bought me a full day of doggy daycare so I could “fully” relax by myself with no responsibilities! I felt better the next day so I decided that I was going to use it last Friday. I went in to drop Storm off but of course stayed to help out for an hour. Here are a couple shots that I took! 🙂

I just love those bully smiles! 🙂
This is River, one of the coworker’s dogs. She is seven months old
Another shot of that adorable smile! :)
Another shot of that adorable smile! 🙂

Wordless Wednesday – August Daycare Fun

Here are a couple of shots from my most recent visit!

It's so fluffy!!!!
It’s so fluffy!!!!
Storm running her mouth like always
Storm running her mouth like always
Bentley (Saint Bernard) and his brother, Archie
Jax's brother
Jax’s brother

Bailey...I think...
Bailey…I think…



















Doggy Daycare!!

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I used to write some blog posts about me going to doggy daycare. I haven’t been there in MONTHS. That is my special place I went to last week! I decided to start helping again (depending on how my body is) and boy has that place changed! And there are so many dogs that are new! Unfortunately Storm hasn’t had an updated Bordetella vaccine so I am not able to bring her with me yet.

It was pretty quiet the day I went so I don’t have much for pictures. They are also not the greatest shots (I miss my iPhone 😞) but it’s a start!

This sweet girl's name is Eleanor
This sweet girl’s name is Eleanor

Stella--another sweet girl
Stella–another sweet girl
Can't remember his name :( But I love his markings!
Can’t remember his name 😦 But I love his markings!
This little one is Apollo
This little one is Apollo
Stella and Apollo
Stella and Apollo
Jax with Stella hanging out in back
Jax with Stella hanging out in back
I love my big dogs and/or bullies!
I love my big dogs and/or bullies!
Yup, Stella got inside my ear on that one!
Yup, Stella got inside my ear on that one!












LOVE her work!

One of my favorite dog photographers …

Elke Vogelsang lives in Germany and takes animal portraits. Her unique pictures have captured me and I cannot seem to get enough of them. It’s possible that you have seen her work as it has been shown on websites including Huffington Post. It is also possible that you have seen her book, Nice Nosing You, or in magazines such as Bark Magazine.

Here are a couple samples of her work:



You can find her on Facebook:


or her blog here:

http://elkevogelsang.com/en/2016/03/the-stray-dogs-of-agadir/   I hope you enjoy her pictures as much as I do! 🙂


*Thanks to Elke Vogelsang for use of photographs from her Facebook page

New Animal Rescue Magazine

Last week my boyfriend had a day off from work so we decided to run errands. We were driving around and I told him that I wanted to stop in Barnes & Noble to look around since it has been awhile since I had been in there.  That and I was jonesing to purchase a “real” book since now all I do is read e-books. I’m a true bookworm; I love the feel of a new paperback, crisp pages and the familiar smell of a book. I tried searching but came up empty, yet I did find a new magazine.

It’s called Rescue Me – The World Of Animal Adoption. And basically as the name applies, it is all about pet adoptions and rescues. I thought, ‘How brilliant. Why didn’t I think of this earlier?’ I have the March/April 2014 issue, which is the premier issue.

So far I am on page 18 and I love it. I have even wrote a couple notes on the subscription card of things that I want to follow up with after I finish the magazine.  Speaking of the subscription card, it is six issues for $29.95. To me that seems a bit spendy but get this — $19.95 goes to a rescue of your choice! How neat is that?!? Get a subscription and help out animals at the same time! So if you are looking for new reading material, I suggest you check it out (and no, I am not receiving compensation and/or receiving any gifts of any kind for promoting the magazine)!


Pet Expo

We had our very first pet expo last weekend! Spending my summers in California, Dad would either show us things or pictures from their pet expo. I knew it would be something I would love to attend however I’ve never had a chance. But now I did and I loved it!

Here are some shots I took:






I now want an Akita! 🙂



The first time I was able to see a Rhodesian Ridgeback! It was so cool! They are not very common around here.



Dogue de Bordeaux










I can’t wait for next year’s! 🙂