Feelin’ gooooooood

It seems ever since I posted that I was going to work more on blogging, my life has been super busy. But that always seems to always happen, right? I had a handful of errands to run almost every day of the week and not only that but I felt GOOD. Occasionally something would pop up with my health to which I would get some rest, but the next day I would get up and be productive once again. I was so productive that I began to question it since that rarely happens in my life. Normally because of my fatigue, it can take some time to finally perform a full task. I usually do a little at a time and divide that time up between days. I’m not lazy, the act just exhausts me. So either it’s the nice weather, or the fact that I admitted to the world that I was going to work harder, I am happy that I am getting things done. 🙂

When going on errands (and if the weather is decent), I try to bring Storm with me. Not only does it get her out of the house, but it helps wear her out (hahaha!). She sits in the front passenger seat and quietly waits for me to return. People usually walk by and laugh as she sits like a human just chillin’. If I get an extra burst of energy I will stop by a park so she can get out of the cramped car and check out unfamiliar smells. One day, I stopped a bike trail location that had a bridge and took a couple pictures of her. I want to stop by again in a few months when there is more green showing, center the picture a more to my liking and take off her leash. I’m impressed she did well with these shots as there was a nearby runner she was trying to say hello to.

So yeah that’s it. Nothing exciting happening but getting plenty done. 🙂


"Mom, I need to go slobber on that lady before she starts running again!"
“Mom, I need to go slobber on that lady before she starts running again!”

I was scratching her arm for a bit and she started to fall asleep sitting up. Hahaha
I was scratching her arm for a bit and she started to fall asleep sitting up. Hahaha




Mmmmmm warm…

I was washing blankets this weekend and came to Storm’s blanket (yes, she has her own). After it finished drying it was still so warm and soft that I couldn’t help but bury my face into it. Storm is usually cold due to her short hair and absolutely loves to get under my blankets at night, so I figured she might enjoy a warm blanket as much as we love it. I laid it over her and she stayed that way for quite some time, not wanting to move a muscle. 🙂



She’s going to chew her paws off

I decided to update my blog theme and it portrays me wonderfully. Black and white. My thought process is black and white, no gray; all or nothing. It’s a very plain theme and I myself, am a Plain Jane. I may revise it (maybe change colors?) down the road but for now I am in love. 🙂 I enjoyed my last one but it felt as though I’ve had that theme for a while now…

Storm’s paw chewing has gotten worse. Not only does she constantly chew her back paws but now I see her with her front paws in her mouth. And they are turning out to be the same as the back ones, raw and bloody. They have never been this horrible during winter months. I know this last summer/fall season was a bitch for allergies, so I don’t know if it is the reason. Or do I blame El Nino? What about global warming? Whatever the reason, it leaves me frustrated knowing I can’t do much to help her. My vet and I have decided it is mostly due to the environment and not her food.

I would like to buy her some boots or socks so she can’t chew off her legs but I am not sure which brands are worth the money. A few years ago I bought some at a local pet store and I am not impressed. Do any of your dogs have boots/slippers that work really well?

Voice in other room: “Storm! C’mere (come here)!”


‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m getting there; hold your horses lady.’

Wordless Wednesday – Pouting

I can’t remember the last time I participated in Wordless Wednesday. I’ve been good this week with getting things done online. Not sure why and I won’t question it. 🙂 This picture was the result of me denying to play with Storm when she wanted. I wasn’t feeling well and I told her to go lay down. She went to her bed & sat like this. Someone sure knows how to make a person feel guilty! She is such a little shit. Hahahaha!

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