Day Thirty-Four

A day after I wrote my last post, I became very ill. The nasty flu came to visit. And they are not joking about how horrible this season is. I threw up six times in eight hours! I hope I don’t experience something like that again for a long time.

Since I could not keep anything down, I skipped my doses of CBD oil. I also wasn’t sure if it could help when a person has the flu, so I left it out of my diet of saltine crackers.

A couple days passed and I started to take my morning and night doses again. Even today, six days after becoming sick, I still am mostly nauseous and am not able to eat exactly what I want.

I’m getting to the end of the bottle! I don’t think I can afford to continue taking it and that gives me anxiety. Even though it didn’t help with my bigger issues, it certainly helped with some of my smaller ones.