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Oct 24, 2007

Busy busy busy

It has been awhile since I have written a blog regarding my life. So I thought I would blabber and possibly whine about what is going on in my life. The lack of blogs has been due to life events that have been keeping me fairly busy. I’m not trying to avoid my friends, unfortunately that’s just the way my life has to be right now.

At the beginning of September I finally moved out of my parent’s house. I am living with two very much bachelors. Yet, I am glad I am living with guys instead of gals. Granted dishes get piled in the sink and the garbage overflows with trash but I don’t have to worry about them stealing my clothes. Not to mention when girls are pissed at each other they find ways to get back at each other. Guys will just tell you straight up what your problem is. Or maybe I haven’t pissed off my roommates enough to know if they find ways to get back to you… My guys are very laid back and very open about things. So open I am beginning to think they consider me “one of the guys.” Which is good but can have its disadvantages. I think I am learning more about men than what I knew before. I am quite happy with my guys. They were very welcoming when I moved in. And they look out for me, I appreciate that.

One thing holding me back from moving out of my parents was lack of funds. To help with that subject I started a second job at Sanford. I never knew Sanford had a call center before I started working in it. My job duty is basically page doctors. Not too hard. With any life experience, there are lessons to be learned. This job can be a bit of a challenge as the shifts end at 10:30 pm. And if any of you know me, you know that I am in bed by that time. Another challenge is the strain it puts on my lupus. Extra stress causes my lupus to go into a flare (which is never fun). With working more hours I become more fatigued which means I don’t have much of a social life anymore. I miss my friends… I don’t think my friends understand that it is not that I do not want to see them; I just can’t physically do it.

I’m not sure how long I will have this second job. I suppose for however long I’m at the bank since the pay is crap. I hate to leave the bank though because I like my job. I actually enjoy going to work in the morning. I’m stuck because it’s hard to leave where I like to be, yet I need to get somewhere in life. Right now I am just “getting by” with two jobs. For now I will keep the second job but keep my eyes open.

I decided to get a new bedroom set. I figure I’m at a new place, have a new life, and so I should get new furniture. I had my old bedroom set for about 10 years. I had it all the way through high school and college. I thought I deserved new furniture and just looking at my old stuff reminded me of being a child. My new set is a little costly but I plan on keeping it for many years and getting my money’s worth. I am used to a plain mattress but decided on getting a pillow top mattress. It’s WONDERFUL! And I bought a down blanket. Not the real comforter but the cheaper one. I have wanted one for so many years. The only pillows I sleep with are feather so I was excited to get the blanket. It too, is WONDERFUL. Regardless of how crappy my day is, how stressed I am or can’t get any positive thoughts; I get into my bed and instantly think to myself, “I love my bed.”

My romantic relationships? Not so much. I won’t go into that. I have learned the hard way that I shouldn’t write about that area in a blog. All I can say right now is that I am single. Do I like it? Yes/No.

For about the first four weeks of moving out I couldn’t sleep. I was on sleep medication but after four weeks they finally put me on a second medication. I am happy to report that I am sleeping at night again. I still sometimes wake up to the slightest noise from my roommates but I’m sleeping and that’s all that matters. I was scared shitless to move out. I didn’t want to fail. But I’m finding out things always work out, even when you think it might not. It may take awhile, it might not…

There is my update and why I have been MIA. Ahhh to be an adult.


We finally have Internet!

Yayyyy! About a week ago, I had a company come and set up my Internet & cable. It’s been fantastic to watch my favorite tv shows again and to watch the news to know what the weather will be like. My mother is relieved that I don’t have to ask her that anymore. 🙂

And the net–it’s fantastic to get things done online at calm pace instead of going to my moms and being a spaz for an hour to do all of my short updates on everything. Most importantly, it’s such a relief to lay in bed on a bad day & use my cell or Kindle without having to worry about using only a certain amount of data. That is definitely a big one.

Storm is loving it here. It’s a very family oriented place, so there are kids always running past our windows with high pitched screams that make me cringe. As a result, Storm always wants to be watching out the window or to be outside. She LOVES kids and is very gentle with them.

That is all for now, I know I have  TONS to catch up on regarding all of you. 🙂 So happy to be “connected” again!

"Mom! There's so much more room to play!"
“Mom! There’s so much more room to play!”

Home sweet home
Home sweet home