New Poem

Unhealthy Thoughts

Demons telling me nonsense in my ear
Of all the things I don’t want to hear
Lies, lies, and more lies!
They begin to laugh as they hear my cries
Falling fast down this slope
Searching for something to give me hope
No! I can’t listen to what they say!
Guess I will have to take this day by day

Poet In Training

Recently I have been writing, but not what I normally write. For some odd reason I have switched to writing poems, or at least, trying to anyway. I am not sure on the sudden shift but I am just going to go with it. Here is a little poem I wrote and am finally putting out in the world. Thanks to my sister for being my beta reader. 🙂

*Thanks to pixabay for use of photo


Old sdloopy posts

I may lump some of my shorter posts together, but otherwise here we go…

Oct 5, 2006


Upon going through my boxes for storage I came across my old cartoon drawings, my old letters and even my old poem I wrote. I normally do not write poems. It’s not my thing to do I guess but I love them when they rhyme. I think any other poem I have is one being forced by my high school English teachers. This poem was dated June of 2002. Even though it is old, emotions are still very familiar. As in few weeks familiar.


You were my best friend, the one I could turn to. You would give me hope when I became blue.

Your smile kept me going through the day, with your eyes so focused, I didn’t think you would ever go astray.

You had a soothing and electrifying touch. The way you complimented me, I couldn’t help but blush.

I thought you were different so I thought I would try. But like all the other men, you as well lie.

I hate the fact that you do not speak, for all I can do now is weep.

Nov 26, 2006

Just some thoughts

What’s the difference between friendships and intimate relationships when it comes to trust? Is there a difference? Are we more forgiving to friends than a significant other? If a person felt their trust was betrayed by a significant other they might break things off. But when a friend does it, generally don’t they try to work it out? Like intimate relationships, friendships also need work. Both friends have to put in the motivation to keep it alive and growing.

My trust with one of my friendships was placed on hold today. The question that is in my head that I am pondering is should I forgive or should I say, “Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you.” Some people say they are nicest people to you, unless you do them wrong. Doesn’t everyone make mistakes though? Are we not human if we do not make mistakes? It’s easy to stay focused on another person’s mistakes instead of your own… What considers a mistake to be unforgivable? What is the friendship threshold from a human mistake?

I’m not sure if I have ever had to deal with a trust issue like this before. Either that or it’s been so long the glasses I’m wearing are so dusty that I can’t see through them. It’s not only the issue that’s a concern but the emotions that come along with it. I feel very betrayed and hurt by these actions.

They (“experts”) say holding a grudge is bad for your health. But yet you can’t let people walk all over you; you have to come to a happy-medium perhaps. Apparently, I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. I don’t like confrontation. Generally if I am fighting with someone I give in first. I hate not talking and giving/receiving the cold shoulder. Perhaps I don’t have the will power. I have not waived the truce flag yet; I’m trying to not make any choices until I cool down.