New Animal Rescue Magazine

Last week my boyfriend had a day off from work so we decided to run errands. We were driving around and I told him that I wanted to stop in Barnes & Noble to look around since it has been awhile since I had been in there.  That and I was jonesing to purchase a “real” book since now all I do is read e-books. I’m a true bookworm; I love the feel of a new paperback, crisp pages and the familiar smell of a book. I tried searching but came up empty, yet I did find a new magazine.

It’s called Rescue Me – The World Of Animal Adoption. And basically as the name applies, it is all about pet adoptions and rescues. I thought, ‘How brilliant. Why didn’t I think of this earlier?’ I have the March/April 2014 issue, which is the premier issue.

So far I am on page 18 and I love it. I have even wrote a couple notes on the subscription card of things that I want to follow up with after I finish the magazine.  Speaking of the subscription card, it is six issues for $29.95. To me that seems a bit spendy but get this — $19.95 goes to a rescue of your choice! How neat is that?!? Get a subscription and help out animals at the same time! So if you are looking for new reading material, I suggest you check it out (and no, I am not receiving compensation and/or receiving any gifts of any kind for promoting the magazine)!