First Day of Doggy Daycare

It has been months since I helped at doggy daycare. I (and Storm) stopped when Storm’s paw issues started. Even with four paws she would slide all over the floor there, so I knew I could no longer bring her when she only had three paws. But after Storm’s death I intentionally avoided it. I believe the power of puppies and that it might make me feel better but there were just too many memories there of her. That was HER place. She loved it there; once she knew where we were going she would go crazy. Even blocks away she would start to whine with excitement. One of the things I wanted to do with Storm before I put her down was to give her one last play at the daycare but that never happened. 😦

I know I need to socialize Benelli while he is young but I don’t get out much. Winter and cold bring pain for me. But after constantly telling myself andΒ  other people that I needed to bring him there, I finally took him on Friday. I was nervous hours before going in and had a cry session knowing Storm wasn’t coming with me. But Benelli and I finally made it.

He was terrified. I wanted to ease him into it so I placed him stay in the small dog section (which only had two dogs) for the first 30 minutes. He was not a happy camper and screamed (seriously, he was loud) at me the whole time. I then brought him out where I was in the big/regular section. He cried the whole time and clung to my leg. I laughed and would tell him that he is fine. After 30 minutes in the big/regular area I knew he had enough for the first time and brought him home.

It was so nice to see some of the regulars again! Especially Bentley, my favorite!

Update on Things

Hi everyone! I am super behind on everything that is WordPress: Comments, likes, views, replies, posting, etc. You name it and odds are I haven’t engaged in it for a while. And my reason? Coloring books again! Haha! I bought a couple news ones off Amazon because I wanted to learn how to use multiple colors for skin and hair (example: for skin you would use light peach, peach and red). I didn’t even touch my Kindle last week.

Other than my coloring obsession, not much else has been going on. I will do a different post regarding my love life (or lack there of). Storm has been difficult the last few months. Well, her leg anyway. She gets fluid in her leg that had ACL surgery. My vet can’t figure out why her leg is doing this and hell if I know. It got really bad a little over a month ago and my vet gave her an antibiotic and that seemed to help. Then it happened again a few weeks after that and he decided he was going to do another surgery and kind of check out the area to see why it isn’t completely healing. After some thinking and looking online I decided not to put her in surgery again. It was acting like an infection so my vet decided that we would go in the following Monday, he would get a sample of the fluid that drains out of her leg, and send that to a lab so they could try different medications on the sample and see which it would respond to. And of course the fluid went down over the weekend so when I brought her in on that Monday he wasn’t able to get a sample. Argh! Does anyone have any ideas of what it could be?


Last week I had an off/bad day. My bestie, N, bought me a full day of doggy daycare so I could “fully” relax by myself with no responsibilities! I felt better the next day so I decided that I was going to use it last Friday. I went in to drop Storm off but of course stayed to help out for an hour. Here are a couple shots that I took! πŸ™‚

I just love those bully smiles! πŸ™‚
This is River, one of the coworker’s dogs. She is seven months old
Another shot of that adorable smile! :)
Another shot of that adorable smile! πŸ™‚

Doggy Daycare – Puppies!

These shots are from my first day back at doggy daycare. These are actually before the ones in my last post of doggy daycare. I was on Cloud 9 as we had a few new puppies that I had never seen yet. I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Puppy Remy: "Heyyyy what's going on under here?"
Puppy Remy: “Heyyyy what’s going on under here?”
Puppy Remy: 'Hmmm what else can I get into?'
Puppy Remy: ‘Hmmm what else can I get into?’
Remy meeting Lily Pad for the first time
Remy meeting Lily Pad for the first time

Remy: "Ok, I think I'm ready for a nap."
Remy: “Ok, I think I’m ready for a nap.”
I can't remember this Frenchie puppy's name. I think Ollie??
I can’t remember this Frenchie puppy’s name. I think Ollie??
This was my first time seeing an Irish Wolfhound puppy up close! :) Her name is Mabina
This was my first time seeing an Irish Wolfhound puppy up close! πŸ™‚ Her name is Mabina
Mabina and Archie ( I think) hanging out
Mabina and Archie ( I think) hanging out
Mabina is such a sweet girl. I'm in  love! :)
Mabina is such a sweet girl. I’m in love! πŸ™‚
Lily Pad: "Pick me up! Pick me up! Pick me up! Pick me up! Pick me up!"
Lily Pad: “Pick me up! Pick me up! Pick me up! Pick me up! Pick me up!”

Bentley, I love this guy!
Bentley, I love this guy!

Nom nom nom nom nom
Nom nom nom nom nom
"Oh hi! Do you want kisses?!?"
“Oh hi! Do you want kisses?!?”