Wordless Wednesday – Tuckered Out

My sweet angel… I wasn’t sure which edit to use today. This is the first time I used HDR on one of my shots. I love other people’s shots with HDR. But for some reason I almost like my non-HDR more. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not use to working with the HDR? Anyway, enjoy!


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Wordless Wednesday – Bed

You won’t believe this. My laptop is not working AGAIN. I can thank Windows for it this time, for corrupting my computer while giving it an “update.” Grrrr! I am not happy! Ever since November I have been dealing with my laptop. So I will be bringing it in to be fixed AGAIN. This time however, I am taking it somewhere different & where I know they do a good job.

*sigh* I usually try to do WW on my laptop since it’s easier but this will have to do for now.

Storm was all snuggled in my bed about ready to sleep and I started to snap some shots. She gave this look which I’m pretty sure means, ‘LEAVE.ME.ALONE.’ Hehe! Bless her heart for looking so cute when she’s mad…



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