Day Twenty-one

This last weekend my mom, sister and I went to Minnesota for a concert. I double checked that I brought my CBD oil with, as I would need all the extra help I could get that weekend. Our two days were going to be jam packed and I was afraid of how much it would effect me since I normally don’t move around a lot. I also didn’t want to interrupt my 30 straight days of using the oil.

Before leaving for the weekend, I talked with Jodi and gave her an update on things. I am still not feeling any energy, so she mentioned that I up my dose to 15 drops in the morning and 15 right before bed. That night I took 15 drops. The next day, Saturday, I had a headache so I took Advil instead of the oil. I wasn’t sure if the headache was sinus related, Lupus/Fibro related, lack of sleep (went to a concert Friday night) or because going up ten extra drops a day was too much for my body to handle (sudden change). Saturday night I lowered the amount to 12 drops and kept it at that number. I haven’t had any nausea or any more headaches. I will stay at this amount for the rest of the week, then ease up to 15 this weekend. It’s interesting how all bodies react differently.

Yesterday I had some Fibro pain in my neck so I put three drops on my palm and rubbed it in the area that had pain. Thirty minutes later I remembered my Fibro pain, only to find that I no longer had any pain! I am positive that it took less than 30 minutes but unfortunately that is when I took notice.

4 thoughts on “Day Twenty-one

  1. You also might consider breaking it up into 3 dosages rather than just 2. I do that for Elsa and it seems to help after her Phenobarb dose was reduced; she only gets a half pill in the morning now and a full one at night. The vet suggested it as a way to keep her levels more level rather than dipping. Good luck.

      1. Well, for my limericks, I can sing them…try the tune of POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN! That is exactly the right rhyme pattern for a limerick. Start out simple–don’t expect to get a Peace Prize for Literature in your first week (or ten years…!). Start out just writing nonsense phrases that rhyme. the easiest are A-B-C-B or AB-AB, where A LINES RHYME, B lines rhyme–C doesn’t rhyme with any other line! Remrmber–start simple!

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