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Hi everyone! I am super behind on everything that is WordPress: Comments, likes, views, replies, posting, etc. You name it and odds are I haven’t engaged in it for a while. And my reason? Coloring books again! Haha! I bought a couple news ones off Amazon because I wanted to learn how to use multiple colors for skin and hair (example: for skin you would use light peach, peach and red). I didn’t even touch my Kindle last week.

Other than my coloring obsession, not much else has been going on. I will do a different post regarding my love life (or lack there of). Storm has been difficult the last few months. Well, her leg anyway. She gets fluid in her leg that had ACL surgery. My vet can’t figure out why her leg is doing this and hell if I know. It got really bad a little over a month ago and my vet gave her an antibiotic and that seemed to help. Then it happened again a few weeks after that and he decided he was going to do another surgery and kind of check out the area to see why it isn’t completely healing. After some thinking and looking online I decided not to put her in surgery again. It was acting like an infection so my vet decided that we would go in the following Monday, he would get a sample of the fluid that drains out of her leg, and send that to a lab so they could try different medications on the sample and see which it would respond to. And of course the fluid went down over the weekend so when I brought her in on that Monday he wasn’t able to get a sample. Argh! Does anyone have any ideas of what it could be?


Last week I had an off/bad day. My bestie, N, bought me a full day of doggy daycare so I could “fully” relax by myself with no responsibilities! I felt better the next day so I decided that I was going to use it last Friday. I went in to drop Storm off but of course stayed to help out for an hour. Here are a couple shots that I took! 🙂

I just love those bully smiles! 🙂
This is River, one of the coworker’s dogs. She is seven months old
Another shot of that adorable smile! :)
Another shot of that adorable smile! 🙂

21 thoughts on “Update on Things

  1. Cool shoes. Does that dog in the background have a flower in her hair? 🙂

    After I had my TMJ (jaw joint) surgery (where they removed the cartilage), the surgeon told me there would be fluid build up because the fluid that your body makes for the health of the cartilage now has nowhere to go. (I hope this makes sense.) I was told that scar tissue would eventually form and this would decrease the fluid retention. Unfortunately, I can’t really tell if that ever happened.

  2. Like painkills2 says, I think it might be inflammation rather than infection – especially if it goes down so rapidly by itself. Perhaps Storm over did it one day, or strained her leg? I agree no surgery till you know whats going on; just monitor her leg and try to get a fluid sample if it swells up again. Do anti-inflammatories reduce the swelling?
    Lovely photos of the doggies in day care. 🙂

    1. Thanks, me too! It is frustrating because she will drain her own leg then whatever she is laying on has blood and..goo on it. So, a lot of washing blankets. 😦 It’s a good thing she is so cute…Haha! Have a great week! 🙂

  3. What an adorable pup! ACL injuries are always so troublesome… my pup had hers torn and had to have surgery a few years back. Have you considered getting a second opinion at another vet? Maybe offer some different insight…

    1. Hi! Thanks for the blog love! 🙂 I have thought about a second opinion and hoping next month that I can afford to go to one. One estimate for a consult was $50 and I think that is too much for me just to explain what happened and to if they think they can fix it or not. So, I will be trying a couple other places to see what they charge for consults. Thanks for your input! I know it has been something a couple people have suggested. 🙂 Have a great week!

  4. Aww! Doggy day care looks like SO much fun. I need to send my dog there for a few hours. She’s not very sociable with other dogs, though. I LOVED coloring with my niece when she was younger. I’m a little scared to venture into the adult coloring book trend. I have a feeling I’d become addicted, too!


    1. Thanks for the visit and comment, Stephanie! 🙂 Doggy daycare IS fun and it definitely helps dogs lose some extra energy. It is good for the socialization part as well. Storm is used to being the only dog so she isn’t very sociable either, but she goes crazy with excitement if we are near the location. Haha! You should try coloring! With it now being so popular, you can find a coloring book on just about anything (example: I just purchased one on Amazon that is over endangered animals and looks pretty realistic).

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