Storm’s Never-ending Leg Issues

*Warning Includes pictures: Not for the faint-hearted

Annnnnd I’m back! Although I don’t write many blog posts or always reply to comments, I do “okay” with reading some of your blog posts. You may have noticed that I have been a little more quiet lately. Well, I meant to put one of my notifications in my spam e-mail and wasn’t thinking that ALL my WordPress notifications would go there. I suspect WP received a message or that e-mails were returned, and WP shut off my notices, email notifications, etc. Which is fine! I’m not blaming them for my less than stellar thinking. It sadly took me a couple weeks to realize that I had not read particular posts. Any-who, I have changed things under my WP account and am once again good to go.

I decided to try a mouth guard to help with my head and neck pain. I can’t afford a decent one from a dentist so I purchased one at the local store that you can do at home. One night after doing the annoying process of making the molds, I put it in. It certainly takes time to become used to it and I’m not exactly having luck with it. I have been taking it out of my mouth while I sleep. Soooooo that project is currently on hold.

Storm’s leg that had the torn ACL is once again giving her (us) Hell. This time it is her foot. A few days ago, I noticed that one of the paw toes(?) had started to swell up.

I was thinking that maybe she was reacting to a bug bite or sting. But then it become worse…

And worse…

and continued going downhill it seemed…

This all was within a day or so. I brought her to my new vet and he wasn’t sure what to make of it. He found her pulse near her foot and said it was strong. He swabbed part of her foot and the results came up as bacterial infection (which is what her knee comes up as when it’s acting up). So she has 14 days of medication and it is taking FOREVER to start working.

At the vet’s 2nd time

The next day after a full dose of her medication, her foot looked worse. I brought her in for a quick look and my vet said it IS healing, that it will just look like it’s not. He also mentioned that for the healing process, it will keep filling with fluid until the skin splits open, then releasing all the fluid.


Just like when her leg acts up, she has begun leaking blood everywhere. I tried to wrap up her foot but don’t have anything that works. So for now, she is mostly confined to the love seat. I even bring her food to her at the love seat.

I feel horrible for her, she looks so uncomfortable. When laying, her foot is constantly moving and she cannot find a position that is comfortable. The vet said she is not in pain but I beg to differ. The only time she does not seem uncomfortable is when she is sleeping.



24 thoughts on “Storm’s Never-ending Leg Issues

  1. For what it’s worth, I’m a human medical provider (NP) and been involved in dog rescue for years. It looks like a spreading infection that isn’t getting better and she may need IV antibiotics and perhaps to be admitted if she’s really ill (running a fever, lethargic, poor appetite, vomiting). Do you have an emergency hospital near you where you could get a second opinion? I’d want to be sure that the treatment is broad spectrum enough to cover all strains of bacteria and if she’s on an oral medication that might do the trick. I hate to butt in when I’m not asked but I feel for her, and you. I don’t know the advice your getting is right: that it is getting better, etc. It looks like what we call a cellulitis, which is a spreading infection and needs to be treated very aggressively. Sending you good thought and love that she has turned a corner and all I’m writing is not necessary. Wishing you lots of luck with this. Love, Paulette

  2. Oh my! That looks painful to me. Not sure how your vet knows that it isn’t. Glad she is back to some of her old antics. Hope it gets better really quickly.

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure if I am going to stay with this vet. I just started going there and really haven’t been too impressed. Thanks for well wishes for Storm, I will relay your message to her. 😊

  3. Sorry I missed this! I miss quite a few posts in my Reader, now I no longer blog every day.
    Poor Storm! Her foot looks sooo painful. Any swelling hurts, but especially in your foot. It must have been a nasty bug to infect her so quickly. I hope the meds are working and she’s feeling more comfortable.
    Hugs from Little Monkey! 🙂

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